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If Mulder really was a werewolf on The X-Files, this is totally how he’d react

A few days ago I saw this four-panel comic exploring what would happen if The X-Files really did turn Mulder into a werewolf. It keeps popping into my head to make me do Seth Rogen style chuckles, so I’m exorcising it by posting it. (more…)

The alchemy of “Bleeding Heart” rescues a werewolf & paves the way for “The Glass Scientists”

It’s my first day back on the grind after two weeks holiday. When my alarm went off at 5:20 I considered my usual pre-work rituals and found that a two mile run was out of the question. Instead I stayed in bed for 30 minutes looking at Tumblr, and discovered Bleeding Heart and The Glass Scientists. Best decision of the day. (more…)

I am similarly afflicted

Today’s Penny Arcade is about a problem that Tycho and I share. I haven’t succumbed to Cataclysm (yet) but I have long been a fan of refined werewolves. Sometimes my usernames reflect this predilection.

Yeah, Gabriel Belmont is kind of a dick

The fine fellows at Penny Arcade have opinions about most games, and the recently released Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is no exception. Tycho seems to like it, in any case. However, their Wednesday comic indicates a certain reluctance to condone Gabriel Belmont’s habit of just, like, randomly staking werewolves.

I love it that these guys include werewolves in their comics so often (relatively speaking), and that Gabe draws them differently every time.

A Cyanide & Happiness for grammar nerds – Whenwolf, Whywolf & Whowolf

Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net

I LOL’d.

The Sixth Slave – A Worgen and the Worst Bedtime Ritual Ever

Today’s Penny Arcade is about World of Warcraft, Gabe’s Worgen character and the artificial nature of game quests. It’s also about the opposite of a glass of warm milk.

Penny Arcade’s Wolfman & Dracula T-Shirt

I need this. Read the comic it’s based on, and then you will understand that you need it too. Don’t argue.

The Return of McGinty & Hughes: Limited Edition John Allison “Red Riding Hood” Print

John Allison - Red Riding Hood detail

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of John Allison’s work. His long-running comic Scary Go Round sustained me for years, and his new (and even better) comic Bad Machinery was what finally convinced me to start using Google Reader– I require an immediate alert when the newest one is posted. John also managed to eat a chocolate bar and shake my hand at the exact same time, which just goes to show the industrious spirit that helped the British to colonize so much of the world.

If you like werewolves and you like comics, John’s just started taking pre-orders for a limited-edition print that you can probably add to your list of likable things. At £10 + £2.50 international shipping, there’s no reasonable excuse to refrain from buying one, especially considering that each purchase helps support a fellow who’s been giving away amazingly entertaining material for years. Here are the details:

A2 poster (420 x 594 mm — 16,5 x 23,4 in). Giclee prints on heavy glossy 200gsm stock.

McGinty (werewolf) and Hughes (small monkey) present “Red Riding Hood”. Signed and numbered run of 100. You can see a larger version of the poster here.

McGinty & Hughes: Amateur Thespians

My favourite web comic, Scary Go Round, is coming to an end. Its creator John Allison intends to begin a new comic in its stead this September. He won’t divulge the new comic’s title or subject, and has been teasing his readers about it via his blog. Yesterday he posted this, along with the message “Without further ado, here for the first time I reveal: THE NEW COMIC. Oh hang on that isn’t it. Not at ALL.”

McGinty & Hughes by John Allison

John, why you got to play me like that?

Dracula & Wolfman Used Game Emporium

Today’s Penny Arcade! comic proves once again that when it comes to marketability and positive brand association, werewolf beats vampire every time. Having said that, I would probably skill be reluctant to buy a new DS game from either of these guys.