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Get your Werewolf News via Social Media

Werewolf-News.com isn’t the only place to get these posts! Get “on-line” with your favourite Internet device and “jack in” to these exquisite social media accounts, so I can bother you with Underworld 5 news from multiple channels. (more…)

Ruffles epically tries to out-epic the epic basketball thing with werewolves and other epic creatures

Fried starch medallion company Frito-Lay launched a social media campaign last month. I only heard about it yesterday, which should tell you about its reach and effectiveness. I just spent 20 minutes trying to figure it out, and I’m still fuzzy on some of the details, so I’m going to pull the trigger on this post to put myself out of my misery. (more…)

“Werewolf” Strategy Game – What’s Up?

I was digging through some unread Google Alerts from April when I came across this CNET article by Caroline McCarthy about Werewolf, a social strategy game that’s becoming increasingly popular with a group of people the article describes as “young techies”. (more…)

Cool Werewolf Pics from Twitter

Earlier today I posted a request on Twitter for people to send me links to any cool werewolf pictures they had, whether they created it or not (with appropriate credit, of course). This request was set off by an intriguing postage stamp-sized photo in @chaoticlycans‘s background image. He was kind enough to provide a link to the full-sized version, which he says came from “somewhere on photobucket”. Does anyone know what the original source is?

The other noteworthy response came from @Ashleyfishman, who sent in three separate drawings of her own. Nice work, Ashley, and thanks for responding!

Edit: Ashley has just gifted me with the very first piece of Werewolf News fan art! Ashley, you rock!

Werewolf News - Ashley Fishman

Anyone else who’s got some particularly cool werewolf images of their own, whether it’s their own artwork or something they found elsewhere (again, with appropriate credit given to the source), send it my way via Twitter (@werewolfnews) or the Werewolf News contact form. Also, if you’ve found something awesome but don’t know where it came from, submit it and I’ll post it with a request to help identify a source. There’s a lot of really great werewolf art out there, from protraits to transformation scenes– let’s see some more of it!

Werewolf News on Twitter

Are you on Twitter? Werewolf News is. Follow us and get your werewolf news Twitter-style!

Werewolves on Facebook

If you’re a werewolf fan and you’re on Facebook, you’ve probably got the Werewolves app installed. I know I do. Forgive me this shameless plug for my own Werewolf as I try to beef up my stats. Honestly, though, the artwork is simply amazing. It’s worth leveling up just to see the male and female varients of each werewolf type, as illustrated by Mark Hiblen. If you’re on Facebook, check it out. If you’re not on Facebook, congratulations. You have more free time than I do.