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Full Moon Features: Late Phases

Having seen as many werewolf films as I have (117 and counting, baby!), it’s refreshing when I encounter one where their existence is taken as read, which cuts down on a lot of unnecessary questions about “what kind of animal could have done this?” (more…)

12 Short Stories About Werewolves, Cowboys and Silver Bullets

SOScotland sent me a note on Twitter, kindly informing me that there are 12 short stories about werewolves available to read in their entirety (or listen to via podcast) on Jeffery Hite‘s web site. Jeffery does a weekly thing where authors are invited to write between 100 and 3,000 words on a designated topic, and the topic this time around is “Silver bullets, the real reason that some cowboys carried them.”

The titles and authors are:

  • Silver Bullets; the real reason that some cowboys carried them by Eric Moseman
  • Skinwalker by Travis Nelson
  • High Moon by Zach Ricks
  • Waltzing with Werewolves by Mick Bordet
  • Bad Medicine by Scott Roche
  • Letters by Danny Machal
  • Silver Solves The Dilemma by Mick Bordet
  • Suspicions and Silver Bullets by Eldon KR
  • Silver Bullets by Val Griswold-Ford
  • Other kind of Vampire by Patrick and Jeff Hite
  • Changing Times by Jeffrey Hite
  • To be a man, part II by Norval Joe

There’s some great reading material there, and you can vote for your favourite, so go check them out!