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Full Moon Features: Meridian

It’s rather appropriate that this month’s Full Moon Feature was actually produced by Full Moon Entertainment. In fact, 1990’s Meridian was one of the first films made by Full Moon after Charles Band’s previous company, Empire Pictures, folded. (more…)

The lycanthropic “Growing Pains” of male adolescence

Growing Pains (Vokseværk) is an award-winning animated Danish short film about a teenage boy named Fabian, and the unexpectedly monstrous side effects of his burgeoning sexuality. Based on the subject matter, maybe don’t watch the teaser at work. (more…)

Dougherty Comments on Werewolf “Bitches”

As we reported earlier this month, Michael Dougherty is planning a TV series for Fox about female werewolves. The show is tentatively entitled Bitches. Earlier this month, Dougherty spoke to ShockTillYouDrop.com about some of the more carnal motivations behind the show.

The funny thing is I have always had this weird obsession with female werewolves. Even going back to The Howling there’s that famous transformation sequence that Joe Dante did with the fire and lovemaking. To me that was indicative of female sexuality – all sexuality has this beastly side of it. If you’re a werewolf, it should just be another aspect of yourself you’re trying to deal with. You do want to explore those parallels of being a werewolf and human sexuality. How can you date and fall in love with someone when you’re a werewolf and you start to turn when you’re aroused?

Very interesting, Michael. Very interesting indeed.