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Danny Elfman’s Score WILL Be Used In The Wolfman!

Okay, everyone, you can relax! According to MovieScore Magazine, Universal has confirmed that they will not be using Paul Haslinger‘s music to score The Wolfman. In a twist that would be crazy for any other film but which seems to be par for the course on this one, Danny Elfman’s back in… or at least, his ideas are. Elfman is still too busy with Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland to return to his work on The Wolfman, but Cinemusic.net reports that a number of additional composers (including Conrad Pope) will be brought in to stitch together the material Elfman’s already recorded with another 25 – 30 minutes of music. Word is that test audiences didn’t like Haslinger’s score, which (given his history with Tangerine Dream and his work on the Underworld films) may have been a bit too bleepy-bloopy for such a gothic, old-world looking film.

So, uh, yeah!

Danny Elfman To Score The Wolfman

Harry Knowles over at AICN reported yesterday that the score to The Wolfman will be composed by none other than Danny Elfman, whose numerous works include scores for Beetlejuice, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Sleepy Hollow, Corpse Bride and quite a few other films that have nothing to do with Tim Burton. Nothing else is known at this time, and Knowles didn’t cite any sources, but come on. It’s Harry Knowles. The guy probably knew before Elfman did. In any case, this is good news– Elfman really knows how to set the mood for a dark film like The Wolfman.