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Mild-mannered Mediterranean “wereplant” transforms & reproduces under the full moon

Werewolves may finally have an antidote to wolfsbane. Two researchers from the University of Stockholm have discovered that Ephedra foeminea, an otherwise nondescript (“rather ugly”) plant found in the eastern Mediterranean region, reproduces only by the light of the full moon. (more…)

Georgia State Rep wants to ban werewolves, mermaids and centaurs (but not really)

The news media is making farcical headlines out of Georgia state Rep. Tom Kirby (R)‘s proposed bill outlawing the scientific mingling of human and animal DNA. Talking points include cheap shots at centaurs, mermaids, bird-men, and yes, werewolves. (more…)

The alchemy of “Bleeding Heart” rescues a werewolf & paves the way for “The Glass Scientists”

It’s my first day back on the grind after two weeks holiday. When my alarm went off at 5:20 I considered my usual pre-work rituals and found that a two mile run was out of the question. Instead I stayed in bed for 30 minutes looking at Tumblr, and discovered Bleeding Heart and The Glass Scientists. Best decision of the day. (more…)

Chinese Scientists May Have Identified “Werewolf” / Hypertrichosis Gene

According to The Register, scientists at the Peking Union Medical College in Beijing may have discovered the gene responsible for hypertrichosis, or the “werewolf disorder”. Over the course of four years, geneticist Xue Zhang and his team scanned the DNA of over two dozen people who have congenital generalized hypertrichosis terminalis (CGHT). Zhang’s team discovered that each of the subjects share a mutation near the SOX9 gene, which controls hair growth. Further research is required to discover whether this is a coincidence or if there’s an actual connection, but it’s an interesting bit of news nevertheless.