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“Sins Of The Past” – a new album from The Young Werewolves

I like these guys (and gal). I like them a lot. Here’s a press release about their new album, Sins Of The Past.

Philadelphia, PA  October 1, 2010 – The Young Werewolves, the Philadelphia based rockabilly, garage, punk trio, are set to release their third studio recording titled, ‘Sins of the Past.’  The timing of the new release coincides with recent trends toward all things vampire and horror.

With the popular Twilight movies, True Blood television program and even the Harry Potter books all referencing werewolf characters, the music of The Young Werewolves is right on time and with the times to such a degree that within the last year the band’s back catalogue has been raided for programs like Vampire Diaries and Supernatural (the proceeds from the licensing helped fund the recording of the new album).

‘Twelve Steps to Rock N Roll’ is the first single from the album and is available for download through The Young Werewolves’ bandcamp site which is linked from their official website.  ‘Sins of the Past’ had its official release at the beginning of the Halloween season when The Young Werewolves performed at The Trocadero Theater in Philadelphia on Saturday September 25, 2010 during the annual Zombie Prom.  Attendance was sold out with over 1000 tickets purchased for the event.

The release follows the band’s 2008 recording, ‘Cheat The Devil,’ produced by horror film star Sid Haig.  The Young Werewolves blend the styles of rockabilly, psychobilly, surf, punk, garage and pop music into an infectious mix.  For further information visit the band’s facebook and myspace profiles.  Their official website is www.theyoungwerewolves.com.

Ginny & Clutch (Little Red Riding Hood Reloaded)

U! a.k.a. Uriel A. Duran has shared some werewolf art with me that I feel compelled to share with everyone else, on account of how much I love the concept and character designs. Meet Ginny & Clutch!

Ginny & Clutch by Uriel A. Duran

Hometown: Some lost town on Route 66.
Likes: Fast cars, faster music, robbing banks and ice cream.
Dis-likes: Being chased by the police, woodsmen and/or hunters.
Super Powers: Ginny has an IQ of 250 and is not afraid of anything. Clutch is a werewolf —’nuff said.
Personality: Ginny may seem like a shy girl, but behind that appearance there’s a really evil and wicked mind. She’s very manipulative, yet she’s with Clutch because she truly is in love with him (but won’t admit it, at least in public). Clutch on the other hand is grumpy and stubborn but once you get to know him you’ll find he’s actually very kind.

If you’d like to see these characters developed further, make sure to let Uriel know. Thanks for sharing, my friend!