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Full Moon Features: WolfCop

As a regular contributor to this site for the past four years, I’ve been privy to production details of a great many werewolf films at all stages of their development. There is none, however, that I’ve heard more about than the Canadian horror-comedy WolfCop. (more…)

Fright Fight is “Super Smash Bros.” with cute monsters & relentless in-app purchase prompts

Take Super Smash Bros., squeeze it onto your phone or tablet, replace the Nintendo characters with cute monsters and in-app purchases, and you’ve got multiplayer brawler Fright Fight from publisher Appsolute. (more…)

Book Review: “High Moor” by Graeme Reynolds

There are few books I’ve read that managed to keep me reading even after the characters I was rooting for got torn to bloody ribbons. Graeme Reynolds’ High Moor is one of them. (more…)

Full Moon Features: Late Phases

Having seen as many werewolf films as I have (117 and counting, baby!), it’s refreshing when I encounter one where their existence is taken as read, which cuts down on a lot of unnecessary questions about “what kind of animal could have done this?” (more…)

Full Moon Features: Meridian

It’s rather appropriate that this month’s Full Moon Feature was actually produced by Full Moon Entertainment. In fact, 1990’s Meridian was one of the first films made by Full Moon after Charles Band’s previous company, Empire Pictures, folded. (more…)

“Who Needs The Moon?” concludes by annihilating the illusion of agency

Todd McCullough’s brutal eight-part graphic novel concludes with two issues about arrogance, death, and the consequences of betrayal. Oh, and I get murdered by a werewolf in a cameo. (more…)

Full Moon Features: Wolves

Three months into 2015, I’m still playing catch-up with many of the werewolf films that came out last year, but failed to make it out to my neck of the woods. (I’m not exaggerating much when I say it pains me to think that the last one I saw in a theater was 2012’s Underworld: Awakening.) Today’s selection is the simply titled Wolves, which seems to promise a back-to-basics tale, but that’s not what it delivers. (more…)

Howl Con 2015: a werewolf convention on the brink of supernova

Howl Con 2015 was like a neutron star made out of werewolf atoms. Bright and packed with energy, its small size belied its incredible density. A measurement taken at 12:32PM on Sunday indicated a density of 3.8 LPI (Lycanthropes per square inch). But unlike a stable neutron star, Howl Con is primed to go supernova. (more…)

Full Moon Features: Cursed

Ten years ago this month, Wes Craven’s Cursed hit theaters, and he couldn’t have picked a more apt title for what turned out to be a remarkably troubled project. (more…)

Full Moon Features: Werewolf Rising

As the new year dawns, I’m going to start it off by looking back on one of the handful of new werewolf films that came our way in 2014. (I hope to catch up with the likes of Late Phases, When Animals Dream, Wolves, and especially WolfCop in the months to come.) When approaching a film like Werewolf Rising, though, it helps to know going in that it isn’t going to make a lick of sense or add up to anything. (more…)