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Mild-mannered Mediterranean “wereplant” transforms & reproduces under the full moon

Werewolves may finally have an antidote to wolfsbane. Two researchers from the University of Stockholm have discovered that Ephedra foeminea, an otherwise nondescript (“rather ugly”) plant found in the eastern Mediterranean region, reproduces only by the light of the full moon. (more…)

What Time Is It, Mr. Werewolf? The Moonwatch By The Emotion Lab Will Tell You

The Moonwatch from The Emotion Lab will allow you to answer that question using the only chronology that really matters to werewolves: the current phase of the moon (it also tells the time too, but who needs a watch for that?).

Gizmodo’s writeup is appropriate: “This watch? Oh, it just warns me when I’ll turn into a berserk beast capable of ripping off your head, chomping your entrails, surfing on vans, hooking up with Willow, hooking up with Bella, you know, normal werewolf stuff.”

Edit: Sadly, the Moonwatch is not (yet) for sale: The Emotion Lab is an industrial design studio, not a retailer or a manufactory. If you want a Moonwatch of your own, maybe offer them a whole pile of money to turn the concept into a workable, sell-able item just hang on: according to this tweet, The Emotion Lab is working on getting the watch into production ASAP.