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Book Review: “The Werewolf’s Guide To Life” by Ritch Duncan & Bob Powers

The Werewolf’s Guide to Life belongs right next to the Bible in every werewolf’s (or werewolf’s spouse’s) nightstand. Its subtitle “A Manual for the Newly Bitten” accurately represents what lies between its covers: not a tepid modernization of werewolf myths peppered with pseudo-scientific explanations, but rather a no-nonsense (yet oddly humorous) instructional guide for newly-initiated werewolves.

At 236 illustrated pages, it’s clear that authors Ritch Duncan and Bob Powers were thinking hard about the daily challenges of being a werewolf long before the publishing world hitched its wagon to the recent monster fad. The book begins with a stark command instructing those who have just been bitten to skip ahead to the chapters that are most immediately relevant to their situation: namely, those that identify the signs of an impending transformation and how to avoid killing others (or being killed yourself) during your first Moon.

Most of the book adheres to this thoughtful textbook-like structure. It’s organized into three parts comprised of chapters that build on previously-discussed topics, but the text and sidebars encourage a lot of skipping ahead to areas where a topic of particular interest (or immediate relevance) is covered in greater detail. If you’re reading about the supplies you’ll need to have available in your enclosure during a Moon, you’ll learn you’d better have “lots of raw, red meat” available to slake your wolf-self’s hunger. But wait, the conscientious werewolf-to-be might wonder, how much meat is enough? You can take the potentially fatal guesswork out of the equation by skipping ahead to Chapter 11 (“Diet and Livestock”), which contains an elaborate table describing a point system for finding the right balance of live meat, dead meat and vegetable-based filler to keep you satisfied during your bestial evenings.


Werewolf short story contest on deviantART

Hey writers! There’s a writing contest being held at the deviantART group Werewolves At Heart. Submit an original 1,500 – 3,500 word short story about werewolves by Saturday, August 7th, using this prompt as inspiration:

You wake up shackled to a chair and can’t remember how you got there. Two voices are talking. You recognize one of them.

For more details, including a list of prizes (hint: art), visit the dA news article.

George R.R. Martin Werewolf Novella “The Skin Trade” to Become a Film

It’s all right there in the headline! According to Variety, “Spoke Lane Entertainment and Mike the Pike Prods. have acquired film rights to George R.R. Martin’s werewolf novella ‘The Skin Trade.'” Here’s the premise:

Martin’s story is based on a female private investigator on the trail of a serial killer linked to an underground werewolf clan ruling the remains of a vibrant city devastated by a recession.

The novella was first published alongside work by Stephen King and Dan Simmons in a short horror anthology called Night Visions 5. It seems to be out of print, but there are some used copies available on Amazon. I’ve read a little Martin, but not enough to know how I feel about this. I suppose I’m cautiously optimistic. Martin readers, should I be stoked?

Husband and Wife Writing Team to Script Syfy’s “Being Human” Remake

Details about Syfy’s immanent Americanization of BBC’s hit series Being Human are scarce, but The Futon Critic has shed a little light on the writing situation. “Husband-and-wife duo Jeremy Carver (“Supernatural”) and Anna Fricke (“Privileged”) have been tapped as the writers”, Syfy’s Mark Stern said. “[He’s] kind of got the genre cred and Anna comes out of a more character-based drama world so between them they’ll be really interesting.”

I’ve got to admit I’m not too familiar with the work of either writer, but my immediate reaction to this news is a little on the “meh” side. Perhaps their joining forces to work on the show together will being some magic to the writing.

Centipede Press Releases Gorgeous Edition of “The Werewolf of Paris”

Centipede Press, a publisher that specializes in “the finest in crime, horror, horror film studies, and science fiction”, has released a gorgeous edition of Guy Endore’s classic werewolf novel, “The Werewolf of Paris”.

Our edition, the only edition currently in print, features a new introduction by Thomas Tessier (author of The Nightwalker), the complete text of the novel, numerous wood engravings, and a color gallery of old hardcover and paperback covers as well as film adaptations. Cloth, $75

Centipede has been described as the “Rolls Royce of horror publishing“, and by all accounts, the editions they publish are second to none. If you’re a bibliophile with a penchant for classic horror, you might want to consider adding this to your shelf. For those with a bit more to spend and an appreciation for macabre art, Centipede also publishes Knowing Darkness: Artists Inspired by Stephen King, an art book that includes Bernie Wrightson‘s gorgeous illustrations for “Cycle of the Werewolf”.

A New Classic Lit / Horror Mashup: Little Women and Werewolves

If you’re at all interested in books, you’ve probably heard of the recent classic literature / horror novel mashups Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters. These silly (but generally well-received) conglomerations of classic prose and monsterific additions have been sufficiently popular that Del Ray’s doing it again, this time with werewolves. GalleyCat has announced that Little Women, the story of the March sisters, will be retold as “Little Women and Werewolves”. No word on a publication date yet, but here’s a description from the publisher to keep you interested:

In this retelling of Louisa May Alcott’s classic, the beloved little women must keep not just the wolf, but the werewolves, from the door…and the kindly old gentlemen next door and his grandson may have some secrets to hide–or share with the March girls.

The Werewolf’s Guide To Life – A Manual For The Newly Bitten

The Werewolf's Guide To Life

I was trying to save my effusive praise until I’d actually read a copy, but I would be lying if I said the mere title of this book didn’t make me giddy. Written by Ritch Duncan and Bob Powers and lovingly illustrated by Emily Flake, The Werewolf’s Guide To Life looks like the lycanthropic response to the Zombie Survival Guide. It’s packed with sensible advice, survival tips and illustrations like the one below. It hits shelves on September 15, and you can pre-order it from a number of online retailers (including the ubiquitous Amazon). I’m trying to arrange an interview with the authors, so stay tuned!

Good advice.

Murder Moon Writer Breaks Down Another Page

Strangeways: Murder Moon

Strangeways: Murder Moon writer Matt Maxwell posts full pages from his werewolves & cowboys comic on CBR‘s Robot 6 blog, then provides a “director’s commentary” on the writing and Luis Guaragna‘s art. If you still haven’t read Murder Moon, seeing it one page at a time with insight from the creator is a great way to take it in. Matt posted page 16 yesterday– check it out.

He’s Small, He’s Pink, He’s Groomed, But He’s 100% Wolf

100% Wolf Children’s author Jayne Lyons recently contacted me to tell me about her book, 100% Wolf.

Freddy Lupin is no ordinary boy. He is from a noble family of werewolves. But his first Transwolfation is a disaster when instead of turning into a noble and fearsome wolf, he turns into a totally tiny, utterly ridiculous and perfectly pathetic poodle. Terrifying Uncle Hotspur throws him out of the wolfpack in disgrace. At least he’s met Batty the mongrel, the most faithful friend a poodle could find. And he needs friends, as the evil wolf-hunter Dr. Foxwell Cripp has just shown up in town.

Can Freddy prove that though he’s a pink poodle, he’s still 100% wolf and save the werewolf pack from disaster?

Jayne has made the first chapter available for free as an MP3. I listened and enjoyed myself immensely, both as a fan of werewolves and children’s books (hey, they’re fun). Jayne has also gone to great lengths to provide kid-friendly werewolf information on her site, which is wonderful to see.

100% Wolf comes out in August, and is available for pre-order on Amazon. Thanks for sharing, Jayne!

Lycanthrope Library

I’m PenningtonBeast (aka DragoniaKMP) and I’ve been asked to post excerpts here from my werewolf novel review blog Lycanthrope Library.

I have two reviews up right now, and I’m looking to receive some more. Anyone is allowed to submit a review, just send it to Spyrozilla1@aol.com with “werewolf review” in the headline.

So thanks a lot and I hope to post some excerpts here soon!