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13 Hrs premiere info & new poster, courtesy of DOP Jordan Cushing

Jordan Cushing just emailed me this info, which is info that you should know if you are interested in “13 Hrs“, which is a movie you should care about if you care about werewolves! Jordan says:

The UK distributor High Fliers Films PLC have now made their involvement public. The film will get its premiere as part of the UKs Fright Fest on August 28th in a nice big 1300 seat cinema.  Some of the cast is definitely attending with more yet to confirm. That will be followed by a limited release in UK cinemas in October. A new poster is on display at the Fright Fest site and a version of the same artwork can be seen at the High Fliers site in the scrolling bannerhead.

This is exciting, and it’s yet another thing that makes me wish I lived in the UK. How does Jordan know these things? Well, if you’ll recall, he’s the director of photography for 13 Hrs, which means he knows a lot of things about the movie that you don’t… like who the werewolves are (yes PLURAL, I’m making an educated guess), what they look like, and what beverages actor Tom Felton goes for at the craft services table (I’ll bet he’s an orange juice man). Thanks for the info, Jordan!

Werewolf News Interviews “13Hrs” Cinematographer Jordan Cushing

Tom Felton and Gemma Atkinson are set to star in Jonathan Glendening‘s forthcoming horror film “13Hrs“, but beyond the cast, the presence of werewolves and what can be gleaned from a teaser trailer that came out half a year ago, no one seems to know much about it. So when cinematographer Jordan Cushing posted a comment here on Werewolf News confirming a mid-to-late 2010 release (I don’t know about you but I’m thinking Halloween), it was my duty as a werewolf nerd to follow up with some questions about his work on 13Hrs. Read on for Jordan’s gracious responses, which expound upon the challenges of the shoot, the “Jaws” approach to revealing the film’s monster, John Schoonraad’s creature effects, and the pleasure of working with Tom Felton and Gemma Atkinson. He even mentions a sequel! (more…)