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The Argentine President Jewish Werewolf Adoption Mixup

News that the President of Argentina adopted a young Jewish man in order to prevent his becoming a werewolf exploded online last week, getting coverage on dozens of news sites despite being a conflation of unrelated tradition and myth. Mixup or not, the story has already given me reason to write what I bet will be the weirdest Werewolf News headline of 2015. (more…)

Lance Polland’s “Werewolves In Heat” has Ron Jeremy, no Manischewitz

I recently received an email from Lance Polland, a filmmaker whose two most recent projects were Bloody Bloody Bible Camp (featuring “Sister Mary Chopper”) and Crack Whore (switchblade revenge against rapist hillbillies). His latest film is Werewolves In Heat, which he describes as “‘The Hangover’ meets ‘Werewolves on Wheels’ with a dash of ‘American Pie'”. (more…)

Werewolf Bar Mitzvah

This is not new (it’s actually from October 2007), but I only just stumbled across it the other day, and with Hanukkah starting in less than a week, it’s marginally relevant. Wait, why am I rationalizing the fact that I’m posting this? It’s a novelty 1980’s-style hip hop song about Jewish werewolves, it’s from 30 Rock and the whole song is available as a free download from NBC. There is not a single thing about this situation that requires defending– just listen to it, and when you find yourself still singing the chorus under your breath eight hours later, you can thank (or curse) me.