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Werewolves and Vampires Duke It Out In New York Magazine – Roukas Dissects the Radness and Ramifications

Werewolf Vs. Vampire by Bryan Baugh.

This month’s New York magazine features a short article on werewolves by Jeff Vandam. While the “article” is only a page long, and while I would sooner expect The New Yorker to run a feature on Rambo, I was nevertheless happy to see some lycanthropic goodness in a mainstream magazine. Unfortunately, the article quickly becomes a classic werewolves vs. vampires retro-drama. Guess what? Count Chocula wins, and Edward Cullen wins the mark of cultural favor over David Naughton’s David Kessler and Jack Nicholson’s Will Randall. And while everyone is allowed to have a personal preference when it comes to monsters, I believe that the hairy-handed gents are made out of culturally richer and more enduring stuff than vampires are.

Music, Morricone, and Jack Nicholson’s Voice

Lesley Chow has written an eloquent and evocative essay about the music, moods and textures of 1994’s werewolf film Wolf. In it she discusses the ways in which director Mike Nichols, cinemetographer Giuseppe Rotunno, actor Jack Nicholson and musician Ennio Morricone use their respective crafts to create a “masochistically elegant” motion picture rife with winter colours, erotic textures and slow, melancholy power. Read it at Bright Lights Film Journal— it’s well worth your time, and it may give you a new respect for one of the oddest werewolf films of the 1990s.