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“Werewolf” TV Series Coming to DVD

Werewolf TV Series Ad

Back in 1987, when I was six and too young to care about what was on TV after the cartoons were over, Fox ran a series called Werewolf. It only lasted for 28 episodes (plus a 2-hour pilot), but today it still lives on in the form of extremely thorough fan sites, bootleg DVDs and episodes posted to YouTube. The plot was nothing ground-breaking (werewolf evades bounty hunter while searching for a cure to his “curse”), but the werewolf effects were handled by everyone’s favourite werewolf creator, Rick Baker.

Now, after 22 years of VHS copies and sketchy DVD bootlegs, TVShowsOnDVD.com has learned that Werewolf is being re-released on DVD. Shout! Factory is currently working on a package called Werewolf – The Complete Series. Details of the package’s contents aren’t available yet, but with a tentative release date of September 1st 2009, Shout! Factory has got the summer to (hopefully) cram the DVDs full of extras. I know I’m not alone in hoping there’s an extended featurette on Baker’s kick-ass seven-foot-tall werewolf costumes!

Holiday Recap

Hey, everyone. Hope you all had a great holiday. I know December was kind of a spotty month at Werewolf News, with fairly sporadic posts, but as the new year approaches it’s time to get things back on track. I have a couple of new features planned for the site, which I aim to have set up by mid-January (real-life work permitting), so check back in the next two weeks for a Werewolf Event Calendar and… well, let me get things working first and then you can check ’em out.

Here are some recent news tidbits that I haven’t had a chance to write up.

  • Fox is moving ahead with the Michael Dougherty drama/comedy “Bitches”, about four female werewolves living in New York City.
  • A third poster for Underworld: Rise of the Lycans has been released, this one featuring Lucian… in human form, alas.
  • Image’s new comic imprint Man of Action is launching Bad Dog, a title about a hard-drinking Texas bounty hunter who’s also a werewolf who refuses to return to human form. 2009 is looking like a good year for werewolf comics!
  • You know Proposition 8, that unfortunate law that robbed same-sex couples in California of certain basic rights? According to The Onion, there was a typographical error in the paperwork that actually means Proposition 8 is good news for same-sex werewolf couples. Hooray for gay (werewolf) rights!

That’s it for now!

Werewolf “Bitches” Are Coming To Fox

Leave it to Fox to option a TV show with a title like Bitches. Us snobby werewolf fans ought not to roll our eyes, though! As reported by Fangoria, writer and director Michael Dougherty is bringing a series about werewolves to the small screen in 2009. The show’s called Bitches, and it’s about four female werewolves living in New York. Says Dougherty:

It’s Sex & The City with werewolves! They seduce people, then they eat them! The series will answer the questions: how do they feed, where do they work… It’s very funny.

Not much else is known about the series at this time, but you can keep an eye on Dougherty’s site for updates… and you know anything juicy will get posted here at Werewolf News too!