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Teaser & photos for Fangoria editor’s trippy erotic horror film “Female Werewolf”

Editor-in-chief of Fangoria magazine Chris Alexander has secured financing for his next film project: “surreal, psychosexual horror drama” Female Werewolf, which he is also writing, directing, editing and scoring himself. It’s still in production in the Toronto area, but are some photos and a teaser trailer. (more…)

Fangoria Correspondant Traumatized (Delighted?) By Face-to-Face With Wolfman

For those of you who aren’t already climbing the walls (Underworld Lycan-style) with excitement over the approaching release of The Wolfman, here’s a tidbit from Fangoria’s January 2010 issue (which features on its cover a great new photo of the eponymous beast).

Midway through our chat, the lights go out, plunging the room into total darkness. “Stay calm,” instructs the film’s unit publicist, “it’s just a problem with the fuse.” But something is afoot. Suddenly, there’s movement at a door, and a large shape enters the room. As our eyes become accustomed to the gloom, Fango can make out the silhouette of a 7-foot-plus Wolfman, chowing down on a severed arm. As the lights come back up, this growling, slavering, hirsute beast bounds over and puts his snarling, fanged-filled face within inches of our own. And roars…

I don’t know who I’d rather be– the guy in the makeup or an unsuspecting bystander in the room! Visit Fangoria to read an expanded teaser of the article. Issue 290 of Fangoria hits stores January 19th. Why do I not have a subscription already?

Fangoria Interview: Wolfman‘s Hugo Weaving Wishes Film Press Would “Get Their Shit Together”


In a recent interview with Fangoria, Hugo Weaving talks about his experiences playing Scotland Yard detective Aberline in the new Wolfman movie. Weaving has consistently been one of my favourite actors (come on, the guy has played a drag queen, a murderous computer program and an ageless elf king). In this exclusive interview he talks about bringing life to a character that wasn’t in the original 1940’s Wolfman, his enthusiasm for a well-written script, and what it was like to work with (and be a subject of) special effects artist Rick Baker. He also comments on the negative effect that press and distribution delays can have on the public’s enthusiasm for a film– something we’ve all seen with the repeated delays The Wolfman has been subject to. But with the recent trailer generating a lot of excitement, The Wolfman is starting to generate some positive buzz again– hopefully that will only increase as the February release date approaches. Thanks for the link, ArcLight!

Paul Naschy and Fangoria Team Up for Werewolf Graphic Novels

Paul Naschy - Werewolf coverFangoria Graphix is releasing Werewolf, a series of graphic novels based on Paul Naschy‘s Hombre Lobo film series. Naschy’s writing, and Javier Trujillo will be creating fully painted art for each volume. Three volumes have been planned: The Return of the Werewolf, The Origin of the Curse and The Silver Katana. Werewolf will be available in both English and Spanish language editions. No release date has been announced.

Fangoria Reviews “Werewolf By Night”

Mike Fish at Fangoria has posted a review of the first two issues of Marvel’s recently revived Werewolf By Night, written by Duane Swierczynski and illustrated by Mico Suayan (who’s been mentioned here before). What does Mike think?

With so many werewolf books on the shelf, it would seem hard for Swierczynski to stand out. But he does, like a full moon on fire. Words were never so right for a werewolf.

The art is great for the most part from Mico Suayan, looking like a cross between David Finch and Bart Sears. His werewolf has a great face and eyes, looking very menacing, but also cross-referencing the classic Lon Chaney look with the AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON ripper.

He goes to give the series three and a half stars (skulls?) out of four. Sounds like one to follow! Issue three drops on March 4th, and issue four comes out April 1st (no foolies). Watch Werewolf Events for more release dates as they’re announced.