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A Fool’s Utopia – Column of the Werewolf

This week, a generous chunk of Ron Martin column A Fool’s Utopia is dedicated to werewolves he has known and loved. He feels that werewolves don’t get the exposure they deserve, particularly during the Halloween season:

While never completely ignored, I’ve always felt that the werewolf was a little underappreciated during the Halloween festivities. That’s what I’m here for. Are you ready? Let’s take a look at some werewolves who have invaded out pop culture in the last oh, 70 years or so.

Most werewolf fans won’t learn anything new, but it’s still certainly worth a read, especially for the editorial comments (yes, Ron, Oz was a lame-looking werewolf). I also need to give Ron some serious kudos for covering two of my favourite 1980s werewolf phenomena: Fruit Brute cereal and the Teen Wolf cartoon. Saturday mornings at their best!

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