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“Bring It.” Season 2 of Craig and the Werewolf

It’s Christmas Eve, so it’s not really time to open presents yet, but here’s a little something I’ve been saving for you since November. I want you to have it now, because, well, it’s the season of giving. Craig and the Werewolf is back for a second season of laughs and awkward werewolf – vampire tension. Five more episodes, aw yeah. Make sure to start from the bottom (episode 6) and work your way up to episode 10. Thanks to Absolute Disaster for keeping it alive!

Craig & The Werewolf: 5 Episodes of Werewolf Win

Okay, you’ve got to check out Absolute Disaster‘s five-episode web series “Craig & The Werewolf“. As this Tubefilter article puts it, the bite-sized series is about two “seemingly normal twentysomething roommates [who] are getting along fine until one of them gets outed as a flesh-eating werewolf.” Watch the first episode below, then visit Absolute Disaster’s blip.tv page to see the rest.