CHUD’s Jon Abrams Reviews The Wolfman

Jon Abrams, a man whose opinion on werewolves I have previously praised, recently posted a review of The Wolfman. This is the novel we’re talking about, not the film remake. The Wolfman first gained national attention earlier this year, when its author, Auxiliary Police Officer Nicholas T. Pekearo, was shot and killed by a suspect in March 2008. Now the book is generating buzz for a much happier reason: according to Jon Abrams and other reviewers, The Wolfman is really quite a good book. It’s a shame that the talent behind it isn’t still around to write more. I’ll be picking up a copy myself before Christmas– have any of you read it, and if so, what’d you think?

The Problem With Werewolf Movies

CHUD.com’s Jon Abrams waxes philisophical in a fantastic essay about why werewolf movies basically stink. He suggests (rightly, in my opinion) that while every genre, sub-genre and niche in film has its diamonds in the rough, werewolf movies are fundamentally lacking.

Every major strain of genre filmmaking, whether it be the war movie or the alien invasion/science fiction movie, the time travel movie or the samurai movie, the Western or the boxing movie or the comic book movie or the vampire movie – all these have their few-and-far-between classics that make sitting through all the more inferior efforts worthwhile. The exception is the werewolf movie.