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Original Kyoht werewolf art up for auction

Want some original werewolf art by the talented Kyoht? Now’s your chance. Here are four eBay auctions, two for original paintings, two for original sketches. They’ve each got a day left, so if you’re interested, keep the lollygagging to a minimum.

“Human Bones”

“Council of Fangs”

“A Dandy Dinner”


eBay auction for life-size werewolf bust. I dare you to outbid me.

Edit: bumping this up to the top because the auction ends in two hours. Current bid is $204.50 US. Want it? Get it!

Werewolf News reader Bill has notified me of an eBay auction he’s just started on a life-size werewolf bust. I really like the design– it’s evocative of the “horror” style of werewolf I like, so I’m the high bidder as of 1:56PM Pacific today. I’m shooting myself in the foot by posting this, but I’m duty-bound, so here are the details!

Due to a need for cash, I am selling a very rare (possibly one of only two in existence) lifesize werewolf bust. It is cast in resin with foam backing and is unpainted. I purchased this from the UK about 6 years ago. It is an awesome piece! Approximate dimensions are; 19″ from nose to back of head, 20″ tall, and 19″ across the back. Obviously the sculptor was inspired by the American Werewolf in London movie bust because it is similar but not the same and personally I like this one better. I think it is a little meaner looking

There’s no reserve and the auction runs until July 21st, so if you want to help Bill out with some cash in exchange for a wicked-looking werewolf bust, get over there and bid!

Tom Spina “Pale Moon” Werewolf Statue + Ebay Auction for Werewolf Bust

At first he was furious about the hairdresser's botched bleach job, but after time he grew to appreciate the distinctive look it gave him. Plus, the ladies loved it.

Last month Tom Spina made all of our living rooms feel empty when he shared with us his Underworld Lycan display. Now he’s back to trigger your envy reflexes again with this custom life-size white werewolf statue. Here are Tom’s comments on the statue!

The client who commissioned this piece had seen our original design werewolf statue (the brown wolf, seen here: Lifesized Movie Prop Style Werewolf Statue and here Movie Prop Style Werewolf Bust) and loved it. Initially, he was going to get the standard look, but after a little brainstorming, we hit on the idea of a white werewolf with a themed base and a new pose, based on the layout of his home theater.

The new pose has a great, dynamic feel to it… and the faux stone base sets off nicely against the white fur and the shape of it gives him a little of that old school “Aurora model kit” vibe.

This statue is a little over 6.5 feet tall and really massive feeling. His hands are huge and his shoulders and back have a powerful look to them.

The project is the result of work by myself and Richard Riley, with an assist from Mike Thomas on some of the casting and crating the beast when it was time for him to go home…

To see many more photos of Pale Moon, including detail shots of hands, feet, jaws and eyes, visit the Pale Moon page of Tom’s web site.

Wracked with jealousy? Wish Pale Moon was menacing your house guests? The full statue was a one-off custom job, but Tom has created a bust of the white werewolf and listed it on eBay. The auction runs until midday September 9th, so if you want it, get bidding!

Another Rob Zombie Werewolf Auction

The ever-vigilant ArcLight sent me this link the other day, and I’ve been too busy to put it up until now: Rob Zombie is auctioning a Werewolf Women of the S.S. prop on eBay. It’s a 4.5-inch figurine of a werewolf in a torn military uniform, and is visible in the Werewolf Women of the S.S. trailer. The opening bid is $150.00, the auction ends at 9:44 AM PST on Friday the 12th, and of the time I’m making this post, there are no bids yet. Happy bidding!

eBay Auction for Rob Zombie Wolf Boy Banner

Rob Zombie is auctioning off a “Lycane the Wolf Boy” banner used in the music video for White Zombie’s Electric Head Pt. 2. According to the auction description, it measures approximately 10 feet wide bt 4.5 feet tall, and comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by Mr. Zombie himself. The auction ends at 11:02:20 PDT on August 29th. If I had the money and the wallspace, you can bet I wouldn’t be posting about this auction here– I’d be bid-sniping to snag this thing myself! Thanks go to ArcLight for the tip.

UPDATE: The auction closed with a high bid of $1,025.00. Congratulations to the winner!