Pre-Code Comics: Werewolf Valley

Illustration by Alright Owl

Does your skin itch? Do your teeth ache? It’s time for first place in the all-lycanthrope pre-Code comics countdown.

There’s a strange disconnect with werewolves. I don’t know about you, but I find the idea of werewolves sexy. Very sexy. And yet, I can’t tell you the last portrayal of a werewolf I found even slightly sexy.

Even in Werewolves of the Rockies, Fria went from blond bombshell to bony bipedal rat-thing. I know werewolves are supposed to be monsters, but can’t they at least look like wolves?

Now rewind to April 1952, when America was much more worried about deforestation than werewolves. Wait, that was some other America so, how to explain Werewolf Valley? All I know is, if Marta offered me coffee, I wouldn’t hesitate even if it were decaf.

Thanks again to Karswell for hosting this at The Horrors of It All. Next time: the worst pre-Code werewolf!