Pre-Code Comics: The Wolpire

I hope you enjoyed my pre-Code comics countdown of favorite werewolf stories.  I wish there were more, but that would require time travel, and my DeLorean’s in the shop.

That said, there’s one more incredible story to share. Just not “Bravo!” incredible. More like “Why has God forsaken me?” incredible.

From March 1954, The Wolpire tries to be many things: horrific, patriotic, romantic, even 3-D! It succeeds at, um, using a lot of yellow ink. I admit a flying yellow man in a speedo sounds scary. I just can’t explain what that has to do with werewolves and neither can the writer.

Thanks one more time to Karswell for hosting this and other stories. If you like them, seriously, leave him a comment already.

And yes: argyle is awesome.