Wereworld: A Fantasy/Horror Series By Curtis Jobling

US Cover

What does Bob the Builder have to do with werewolves? Plenty, if you’re talking about Curtis Jobling, production designer for Bob the Builder and author of the new fantasy/horror series for young adults, Wereworld.

The first book in the series, Wereworld: Rise of the Wolf, revolves around teenager Drew Ferran, a farm boy living in the mythical world of Lyssisa. After his mother is attacked by an enormous, fur-coated monster, Drew is forced to leave his family home and travel throughout the farthest reaches of Lyssia. Eventually he discovers the existence of the “Werelords,” a group of shapeshifters of various species. Drew himself learns that he, too, is a Werelord, and consequently, the last of the werewolves. During his journeys, he encounters Lady Gretchen the werefox and Hector the wereboar. As the only remaining werewolf, Drew and his new friends must work together to escape from, and ultimately defeat, the tyrannical werelion, King Leopold.

Due to the success of the first novel, Puffin Books has commissioned two more novels in the series by Jobling. The second book, Wereworld: Rage of Lions is to be released this summer in the UK and Canada.
The first novel, Wereworld: Rise of the Wolf, is already available for purchase in
and the UK. The book will be released in the US this September in hardcover format.

As a bonus, an animated trailer has been made by Puffin Books.