A Miraculous Way To Make ‘Twilight’ Not Suck

Simple: remove all the superfluous vampire crap and have three minutes of werewolves soundtracked by Radiohead.

Put together by a good friend of mine, Jeremy Leaird-Koch, also known as fledglyng, he’s also produced some pretty great video work under his real name on Vimeo. He also introduced me to Jon Macy, author/artist of Fearful Hunter (kinda NSFW-ish), “a Queer graphic novel with Druids and werewolves”, which I’ll be featuring on the site just as soon as I get out from this mountain of other comics. (Seriously. Send help. Maybe a sherpa.)

To quote Jeremy’s description of the video:

I like werewolves, not vampires, so I made a video edit of the only parts of Twilight : New Moon worth watching.

To be fair, though, they aren’t real werewolves. But it’s a pretty sweet video nonetheless.