Rick Baker shows off “American Werewolf” head sculpts & behinds the scenes info

Oct. 24, 2018

Monster maker extraordinaire Rick Baker has been posting videos of his award-winning “An American Werewolf in London” werewolf sculpts on Instagram. The first is a looped zoom on fully-transformed David Kessler’s face, showing off the muzzle and right eye. This head was used on-screen, and after almost 40 years the “foam latex has turned to graham cracker”, but it still looks amazing.

The second is a longer video in which Rick explains why “Change-o Head #2”, used during David’s first transformation scene, was intentionally sculpted with an asymmetrical face. This is a more recent cast from the original mold. Just think about that – this guy has the ability and desire to just make a new one of these whenever he wants.

It’s so cool to see the skill and forethought that makes Rick a legend today was already in effect when Jimmy Carter was president.