“Get Some (Ft. Kamille)” by Ghosted (or, “A Werewolf Surprise At Make-Out Point”)

A. Quinton — Oct. 2nd 2017

Lest you think the video for Ghosted‘s catchy ode to teenage horniness is merely an “awkward duckling makes good” story, there’s a shot during the protagonist’s “getting ready” montage of some Polaroid photos of handsome dudes with their faces obscured by blood-red ink.

This video’s got some seriously great werewolf effects and gore. Thanks to Somnilux for the link!

  • lurkingeek

    Cripes, this video’s FX crew sat down for at least one careful analysis of The Howling (right down to that credit-glitch!), lunar-influenced transformations aside. The actual tune doesn’t seem too lycanthrope (or lycogyne?)-linked, but the dissonance actually works in their combined favor (‘specially near the end). Good find indeed.