Two supernatural novel series for your consideration

A. Quinton — Feb. 15th 2016

If only I had more free hours in my week, I could read and review every werewolf book or supernatural / paranormal novel series I come across! Since I don’t, I can’t – but if I see something that makes me wish I had the time, it’s worth sharing here. Today I have two books for you.

The Woman Who Tasted Death by DG Wood. From the web site:

Once an orphaned child found wandering the Trans-Canada highway, Darkly Stewart is now a grown woman and undercover RCMP Constable with the uncanny ability to taste the traces of murder that linger in the air. When the investigation into the murder of Darkly’s partner leads her to a gold rush era ghost town in the wilds of British Columbia, she uncovers the secrets of her own forgotten past. Wolf Woods is indeed a town destined for extinction, unless the residents that call it home can adopt recruits from the outside world… beginning with Darkly.

This is the first of a proposed 12-book series, which makes me a little nervous, but it’s set in my backyard and it references BC’s weird and often spooky gold rush history. Wood says the next book will be out in time for Halloween 2016, and a television adaptation may be in the works.

Day Soldiers, first book in a (currently) four-book series by Brandon Hale. Here’s what Jake Phillips (friend of the author) had to say about it in a recent email:

The series recounts a near future after vampires and werewolves have declared war upon humanity. Since I know vampires aren’t your bag, I’ll just say that the werewolves would, judging by your website, be well-received.

These books are essentially rated PG-13 or so, with plenty of action, violence and some scary scenes. It’s kind of an opposite of Twilight: a light, pulpy read with monsters who act like MONSTERS, rather than mooning emo brats.

Day Soldiers has got over 300 reviews on Amazon, most of which are quite positive and all of which seem to be from real humans who actually read the book. Sometimes I just want some monster mayhem, and this sounds like it delivers.

  • Misty

    Why did you delete my comment? It was a serious question :(

  • From what I can see on the Disqus moderation screen, this is the first comment you’ve ever posted here. What was your question?

  • Misty

    Oh okay, sorry, that’s strange, but maybe my browser messed it up.

    I was wondering whether the first book (“the woman who tasted death”) really has “werewolf content” in it or just general “supernatural” elements. Cos I’ve read many books that seemed to be were-wolf books but in the end the were-not^^ and i always found that quite disappointing. So in case you know the answer let me know :)


  • I haven’t read “The Woman Who Tasted Death” yet, but I learned about it through the author, who described it as a “werewolf tale” in which “lupinism is a sexually-transmitted disease”. That qualifies it as werewolf content for me, even if it’s presented in a context where other supernatural elements are commonplace.

  • Misty

    Ah that’s cool, thanks a lot :) “Lupinism” as “sexually-transmitted disease” sounds quite interesting and definitely counts as a werewolf book for me :)