Found-footage werewolf thriller ‘Wer’ punted to home video

A. Quinton — Jul. 16th 2014

Via Bloody Disgusting comes the news that ‘enormous man who might be a monster, or is the monster us???‘ film Wer won’t be getting a theatrical release. Universal Home Entertainment is pushing William Brent Bell and Matthew Peterman’s found footage thriller directly to DVD and digital download.Disappointing, but given the performance of the duo’s previous film, The Devil Inside, sort of understandable. Oh well, at least I can watch it at home sooner!

  • Lew

    I was wondering at the chat last week what had happened to this flick, it seemed to have disappeared into thin air.

  • Will

    Well, that’s a little worrisome. Ah well. At least the wait’s over. Here’s hoping for okay-ness instead of utter shit-itude!

  • Doruk

    It looks like it has at least some decent moments. Let’s hope they didn’t use all the decent moments for the trailer :P

  • KCH

    It’s already available on the internet high seas. pretty dissapointing flick, in the respect that the werewolf design was just an angry guy. No actual transformation except for muscles moving under the skin and small fangs.