“Where are the Wolves?” I was interviewed for a Fangoria article!

A. Quinton — Jan. 22nd 2014

Friends, will you permit me to geek the fuck out for a second? Last May I did a phone interview with Craig Anderson, a Canadian writer working on a piece titled “Where are the Wolves?” for Fangoria Magazine. Craig intended to delve into horror films, “the werewolf genre; this genre vis a vis current popular culture, and what might explain the relative drop off in interest in the werewolf as a horror vehicle”. I was flattered, delighted and anxious all at once: I’ve always maintained that I’m just a nerdy werewolf fan who posts stuff he likes, and to be consulted on such a subject for any reason, let alone as a possible source for a Fangoria article, was mind-bottling. I talked with Craig for an hour – he was super nice – and after a few follow-up emails and a chance to read the article draft I got pre-occupied with other things, and eventually forgot that the interview was ostensibly for an actual thing that could get published.

Fangoria #329Well, eight months later, that thing has been published: Craig’s article “Where are the Wolves?” is available to read in the January 2014 issue of Fangoria Magazine (#329). It’s a great piece, and well worth seeking out. I think Craig captured the werewolf movie zeitgeist perfectly, and the article illustrates the challenges and opportunities of the genre today. My comments were included with those of Noel Clay of Werewolf-Movies.com and WolfCop director Lowell Dean, which is pretty lofty company for a nerd with blog. I was flattered to be asked, delighted to help, and thankful to Craig for the opportunity.

I’m posting this late because I didn’t actually know the piece had been published until last week, and wasn’t able to get my hands on a copy until this past weekend. If you want to read the article, your local newsstand or giant book retailer might still have a copy next to their February issue, or you can order it direct from Fangoria.

  • Lone Wolf

    So happy for you Andrew! I have a huge collection of Fangoria from the pre-internet days!

  • Hooded Justice

    Good on you, Andrew! I’ll have to see if I can find this issue at any of my local bookstores.

  • Mike Roukas

    Andrew should be North America’s premier consultant on all things lycanthropic. Well done buddy!

  • Inkshooter

    Congrats, Andrew! I’ve been meaning to subscribe to Fangoria for a while now. It’s awfully expensive for a magazine, but I suppose that’s the price us advocates of the dead-tree format have to pay in the 21st century.

    (On a completely unrelated note, I saw Bitten on Syfy. Your suspicions were confirmed- it is a GOD-AWFUL show, quite possibly the worst thing I’ve ever seen on Syfy. SYFY! It’s not even enjoyably bad, it’s just dull, full of all my most hated werewolf tropes, and insulting to the viewer’s intelligence.)

  • Lew

    AWESOME! I’ll have to see if I can get a copy sent here!