NBC asks “Carnivàle” creator to write & produce new “Wolfman” series based on 2010 film

A. Quinton — Dec. 2nd 2013

2010 Wolfman Poster

As reported earlier today by Deadline, NBC has asked Carnivàle creator (and writer of their current Dracula series) Daniel Knauf to write and executive produce a new Wolfman TV series based on the 2010 film of the same name, in partnership with Universal TV and Scott Stuber (who executive-produced the 2010 film too). According to the Deadline post, the series will be

a supernatural thriller that explores what it means to be a man and to be human. It centers on Lawrence Talbot, who is afflicted by an ancient curse and jacks into the powerful, primordial soul of the alpha-predator.

That’s all there is to know about the situation right now, although you can rest assured I’ll be all over the details as they become available (please God let them hire Rick Baker or someone who studied under him for the werewolf effects). Carnivàle was one of my favourite shows, and the first I ever binge-watched, so I’m interested to see what Knauf does with my man Lawrence. I’d like to close with a comment from the AV Club‘s venerable Sean O’Neal:

Should The Wolfman and Dracula join NBC’s Jekyll And Hyde series Do No Harm in failing to attract an audience, NBC will pretty much be left with a sitcom play on Creature From The Black Lagoon (“The Ultimate Fish-Out-Of-Water Story!”), so maybe we should give this one a chance.

  • Lew

    Would be interesting to know more details – what time period it’s set in, that sort of thing. Oh, who am I kidding, I’ll at least watch the pilot.

  • Hellbore

    Eh, they’ll probably do the “transform at will into a trained wolf” thing for this show. Bonus points if they have a sub plot about a secret society of werewolves who Larry must fight for…reasons.

    Larry: I’ll NEVER join you in your plans to take over the world.

    Evilbutsexyalpha: You fool! My blood is in your veins! You must obey my commands for I am the alpha!

    Larry: No, I’m the alpha now!

    -Badly choreographed slow mo fight scene in human form with katanas-

    Que legions of obsessed tumblr fangirls.

  • Sam

    I can’t imagine it being too bad if they really do base it off the movie. The problems will really start when they decide they can do it better.

  • Will Parsons

    I’m pumped about this. Fuck haters, I loved The Wolfman remake. No, it wasn’t a sweeping cinematic epic, but it had Anthony Hopkins and a great werewolf. Just don’t skimp on the special effects budget, guys.

  • Hooded Justice

    Same here. I’m in for the pilot. They’ll have to dazzle to get me to come back for more than that, though.

  • Hooded Justice

    I was much happier with the director’s cut of The Wolfman. When it came to the theatrical release, Universal really screwed the pooch, so to speak.