Bigfoot Vs. Werewolves comic “Savage” coming to theatres

A. Quinton — Nov. 12th 2013

Savage #2 CoverDid you know that in 2009, Shadowline / Image Comics published a comic miniseries that pitted against each other a pack of werewolves, Bigfoot, a psychotic monster hunter and a shoe salesman? I sure didn’t, which just goes to show how much potentially excellent werewolf content is out there, waiting to be discovered by people with short attention spans (that’s me, I’m talking about me). Savage was written by Jeff Frank & Steve Niles and drawn by Mike Mayhew. It ran for four issues in 2009, and it was good enough that even two years after it came out, folks were speculating that it would make a great film.

Now it seems that those folks are probably going to get their wish. As originally reported by TheWrap, the film rights to Savage have been acquired (excited face!) by the guys responsible for Agent Cody Banks and the Twilight films (concerned face).

Pathbender’s E. Thompson (“Hansel and Gretel Get Baked”) and John Adams will produce the movie, while Outlier’s Mark Morgan (“The Twilight Saga”) will executive produce.

I want to say something snarky about the involvement of these guys, but I was recently a total asshole about something that’s not even out, and I don’t have it in me to take digs at two guys who actually seem super good at their jobs (making movies that make a lot of money). The fact is, there might be another werewolf movie, and even if it’s about werewolves who shed their human skin and hassle cows, that’s a good thing.

For more info on Savage, I recommend reading these two great pieces on Comic Book Resources:


  • Adam Gulledge

    About that Bitten article, I agree with you.

    I’ve tried reading the book as well, and nothing about it interested me. What turns me off of the TV series is hearing these people talk with wolf-phrases embedded into regular English. That’s trying to hard to be serious, and any chinks in the armor will make that delivery suck.

    “Wolf pack dynamics forced onto a group of humans who are clearly all
    selfish assholes (bonus garbage-points for making “Pack” a proper noun)” – Agreed there, and again, it’s an instance of forcing wolf terms where it doesn’t belong.

    I’ll have to check out this comic though. Looks fun.

  • herrer

    Oh cool I actually have the comic its awsome

  • Lew

    Dear god, how did I not know about this before? This sounds right up my alley!