Double Helix making new Killer Instinct game; Sabrewulf looks rad

A. Quinton — Jun. 13th 2013


I’d made up my mind to skip the Xbox One and get a PlayStation 4, but Werewolf News reader Gothic Guido has just informed me of an Xbox One launch title that might make me reconsider. Earlier this week at E3, Microsoft announced that the classic SNES / arcade fighter Killer Instinct is being revived by Double Helix Games. From the official announcement on Double Helix’s blog:

The announcement showcased three completely redesigned characters already familiar to fans of the franchise. Jago, clad in shredded tapestries and ropes that evoke his monastic background, went head to head with an all new Sabrewulf, bristling with hypodermics, but free of the cybernetic augmentation he sported in past installments. Also making an appearance was Glacius, the cold-blooded alien who can create deadly constructs of water and ice.

In an interview with Kotaku, Microsoft producer Torin Rettig described the updated Sabrewulf:

…Sabrewulf is a man and beast in constant conflict with each other. If you look at Sabrewulf, he’s got like the torn jeans and everything, but if you look at his idle animations, he’s got a twitch. He’s basically a mad scientist trying to cure himself.

And here’s some gameplay footage showing Sabrewulf wiping the floor with Jago. Listen to that sound design! I half-expected Sabrewulf’s breath to fog up my screen.

There’s been some confusion over the pricing and configuration of the game, but the latest on and MTV’s gaming blog describe a standard “buy the game, get the game” model, accompanied by what amounts to a generous, upgradable demo.

I was a Sega kid in the 90’s and I didn’t have access to arcades, so I missed the whole Killer Instinct craze, but this certainly has my attention!

Sabrewulf vs. Jago

  • Baeroth

    Doesn’t look good enough to justify getting an Xbox One. Microsoft really screwed themselves over with their ridiculous DRM model.

  • Chris

    This sadly doesn’t look like it captures any of what made the originals great. The sound, stage environments, and particularly music. The announcer pales in comparison, the sounds are all dulled, and the music is unremarkable.

    The new one’s graphics are technically impressive (I’d hope so after nearly 20 years), but it’s missing those details, like the blood that would drip from Sabrewulf’s mouth or the bats that would fly around him that he could use to attack with.

    Guess I shouldn’t expect much though, given Double Helix’s track record of poor games. Doesn’t help that Rare itself was gutted after they were bought-out by Microsoft, and most of the good developers during their days at Nintendo left.

  • Lone Wolf

    Played it at E3, SabreWulf was fun to play, but Xbox One won’t be worth it for this game. If luck has it, after its exclusivity wears thin, it may end up on PC but that may be wishful thinking. The controls and combo system are way different than the original, so if you are expecting a true Killer Instinct upgrade you’ll most likely be disappointed. If you just want to play as a werewolf beating on people in a one on one fighter than it may float your boat for a while but may not be worth the asking price when it comes out.