Another wonderful “Underworld” Lycan restoration by Tom Spina Designs

A. Quinton — Apr. 25th 2013

Once again, the folks at Tom Spina Designs have come into possession of a discarded husk from a moulting werewolf (or possibly a suit from Underworld: Rise of the Lycans), and through an alchemical process called “having great skills”, TSD artist Patrick Louie has reconstituted the disembodied head and ragged torso into a wicked full-body display. Here’s a video of the process, which included the creation of new hands, lower legs and feet to match the rest of the suit, as well as a themed display base.

And here, in greater detail, are some of the photos from that video, cribbed from the Tom Spina Designs Facebook page (which I’m sure you’re already following, because what are you, nuts?). Click for larger versions.










Damn, the detail on those hands and feet! Wonderful work, Pat! To see the finished result, visit the Custom Mannequins – Themed Movie Costume Displays section of the TSD site – as of this post, it’s the first entry.

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