Animatronic dilating werewolf eyes from “Wolf”

A. Quinton — Mar. 2nd 2013

California special effects company studioADI is responsible for a lot of great creature effects, including some of those seen in the 1994 Jack Nicholson “pissin’ on your shoes” werewolf film Wolf. In this video, which was recently shared on their rapidly-expanding YouTube channel, ADI co-founder Tom Woodruff Jr. explains the development of the animatronic dilating eyes used in close-ups of Jack Nicholson’s final wolfed-out form.

I don’t know which I enjoy more – the impressive demonstration of practical special effects, or the sight of the wolf’s eyes going wall-eyed batshit as it fake-gnaws on that guy’s arm at the end of the video. You can see more of studioADI’s great work on their YouTube channel, their web site, or in the greatest film of 1990: Tremors, starring Kevin Bacon.

  • Gothic Guido

    Man I liked wolf (didn’t love it). Its biggest problem was they couldn’t keep the camera off Jack. (It was just fangs and sideburns)I almost forgot he had a final form I just remember it being a wolf, had to watch it again but yea its there. Too bad, movie would have been better with this guy as Jacks co-star lol.