Watch werewolf Eddie destroy scouts in “Mockingbird Lane” pilot clip

A. Quinton — Nov. 3rd 2012

The pilot episode of Bryan Fuller‘s Mockingbird Lane aired on NBC last week, and while the general consensus seems to be that the “Munsters” reboot didn’t get enough viewers for NBC to pick the series up, the pilot itself was actually pretty good. Here’s the opening three minutes, courtesy of Werewolf News reader “C”. Eddie doesn’t know he’s a werewolf, but the rest of his Scout group figure it out pretty quickly, and in manner I found surprisingly dark and graphic for network television.

From the AV Club review by Todd VanDerWerff:

Yes, Eddie Munster, the werewolf, is here as well, and he’s at the center of the pilot, which dearly wants to be about this family reclaiming its heritage and being proud of what it is, after spending so many years trying to hide it away. Eddie, see, doesn’t know he’s a werewolf, and also doesn’t know he’s the reason his family has had to relocate to Mockingbird Heights.

This clip is all I’ve seen of the show, and now I’m kind of regretting that I missed it. If you saw the whole pilot, what did you think? Should NBC re-consider?

  • paisley

    I enjoyed it. It was fun with a streak of dark humor. I’d be really surprised if it was picked up though. Its obvious they spent a huge amount to make the episode (I think I read 10 million) and I just don’t see the network getting on board for that sort of expense. It’s really too bad since I though a lot of the flashy effects were completely unnecessary. I wish they’d cut some of the fluff effects and gone with practical effects more often.

  • Varanid

    Holy shit, it’s one of those goofy ass “gestalt” werewolves the wolf fanatic werewolf fans are always yelping about. And to my surprise, I actually didn’t hate it as much moving around as a physical suit as I do whenever I see them all over Deviantart. I mean, it’s not the best werewolf suit ever, but it certainly doesn’t make me want to punch out my computer screen.

    And there it is, ripping people apart in a frenzied, homocidal rage like a proper werewolf. Oh, the irony.

    And this show was cancelled?

    Quick, someone send this to The Pack’s Den and Werewolf Haven so I may drink of their tears!

  • Kwipper Ursus

    Goofy my ass! The Gestalt werewolves are the best kind!

  • Werewolf

    Considering how the original looked I was expecting much, that is much better than I expected and I’m happy to see it’s looks more wolf than man ^..^

  • Varanid

    Only if you have a wolf fetish.

  • KCH

    They made a huge mistake, honestly. I’m a big fan of the original munsters, and the reboot from the 80s, and not only does this do it justice, it exceeds expectations. NBC screws up so often though I’m not really surprised. That werewolf was one of the best ones I’ve seen in a long while too.

  • KCH

    Just curious, what’s your favorite werewolf design?

  • C

    I will note that despite how it looks here, later in the episode, Eddie’s father assures him that he didn’t actually hurt anyone during this sequence. Given some of the violence on the show, it’s possible he was lying to him, but the show didn’t present it in a way that indicated the viewer should think so.

    Best wolf design I’ve seen in a long time, and it has absolutely nothing to do with “wolf fetishes” or any other such shortcut arguments. I don’t care for the deviantart fluffy anthro art myself, but prefer my werewolves to be animals.

  • PentaWolf

    They absolutely should reconsider picking this show up. Not only were the effects for the werewolf quite good, the rest of the cast also shined. Then again, I am a HUUUUUUUUGE Eddie Izzard fan and pretty much love everything he does. He is simply awesome as Grandpa Munster!

  • Lew

    Most pilots are pretty rough, but this had a great deal of promise. The main problem I had with it was with Herman – he was so low-key and bland it was hard to get emotionally invested in him. Eddie Izzard as a rather feral Grandpa managed to steal the show (despite laboring under some damn poor old age make-up) and Marilyn, the ‘normal’ one, was unexpectedly charming. There was a surprising amount of gruesome stuff, which made up for some rather twee stuff that seemed trying to hard to be quirky (the neighbor lady in the scooter, for example).

    Eddie’s story was the weakest, least interesting part in my opinion – the reluctant, amnesiac werewolf is a pretty threadbare cliche – it would have more amusing to have an Eddie who was absolutely thrilled about being a werewolf. The prospect of watching a preteen moping around is not one that excites me. The wolf design was the typical generic standard except with a weird elongated tail, nothing to get excited about. The attack scene was unusually well-edited for a tv effort. I got a laugh out of the kid hopping around in a sleeping bag, which looked like a direct homage to “Prophecy”.

    I know this was reported as very expensive, but it seems like a lot of that expense would have gone to building sets, designing computer effects and so on, so later episodes would have been considerably less expensive. If NBC doesn’t pick it up, which seems very likely, maybe a cable company that could soak the cost better might.

  • Wilton Kitt

    Does anyone know lik if there’s full body picture of the werewolf suit