“Game Of Werewolves” Creature Effects Photos & Horror 101 Review

A. Quinton — Aug. 5th 2012

Juan Martinez Moreno’s Game of Werewolves is one of those movies I keep hearing good things about, which is why I keep posting about it, but I have no way of seeing it. The Spanish horror / dark comedy film has been screened at a few festivals – most recently Montreal’s Fantasia International Film Festival – but it hasn’t been picked up for North American distribution yet. Film guru and Werewolf News contributor Craig J. Clark sent me a link to this review by Horror 101’s Aaron Christensen, posted last week. I encourage you to read the review on Aaron’s site, but I can’t resist quoting this line:

I’ve seen the film twice this year already (once in Belgium at the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival, once Stateside at the Chicago Latino Film Festival) and am gearing up to watch it again this Friday at Fantasia in Montreal.

Film’s so good, dude saw it three times. If you’ve seen it, I’d love to know what you thought! The more people talk about it, the more likely it is that someone here on our big dumb continent will pick it up for distribution.

The film’s appearance at Fantasia has shaken loose a few new photos of the film’s numerous werewolves, and I’m happy to share them here. I’ve seen folks on other sites post the usual “I hate CG but these suits are dumb” comments about these werewolves, but I like ’em a lot!

From Dread Central:

From RTVE.es:

  • Craig J. Clark

    I have no idea what those people are yapping about. Those suits look awesome!

    And per Aaron’s suggestion, I’m going to start contacting distributors (like DarkSky, IFC, Magnet and others) and strongly suggesting that they get into the Game of Werewolves business. If enough of us do the same, who knows what could happen?

  • Lew

    Those suits are awesome.
    I don’t get people – what is it? “Aminals r kewl, hyoomans suxxxx0rrz” – the whole deal with werewolves is that they’re altered humans, not just big dogs. If you like dogs so much, watch Cujo.

  • Doruk

    The eyes may be a wee bit too red, but otherwise I like these as well.

  • Craig J. Clark

    But that’s how you know they’re evil.

  • Sozante

    I saw it here in Spain and love it. I´d never see so many werewolves(costume not CGI) in a movie. The design is cool, maybe the werewolves look like a big foot or something, but it´s ok.
    By the way, the movie is a comedy but the werewolve´s scenes are pure gore and horror.
    Hope you could see it soon.
    By the way, few years ago I send you information about the great Paul Naschy(the actor who plays the werewolf more than anyone) when he pass away, but never see anything about him in this site :(. Please honor him with some information about him and his movies if you want to.
    Just one more thing, thake a look at this spanish short:

  • Craig J. Clark

    Fear not, Sozante. Even as I type this, I’m prepping an article on Naschy which will be published within the next week (just in time for what would have been his 78th birthday).

    Also, if anyone’s really desperate to see Game of Werewolves, it’s going to be screening on Saturday, September 8 at HorrorHound Weekend in Indianapolis. I know I’ll be there.