Want a classic werewolf figure? Vote up this design by Kyoht on Patch Together

A. Quinton — Jul. 22nd 2012

If you have a hole in your life that’s shaped like a snarling werewolf figure (I know do), artist Kyoht and “vote for it and we’ll probably create it” collectible site Patch Together are here to help.

Kyoht has designed a classic werewolf figure, and if it gets enough votes and comments on Patch Together, you’ll be able to buy it. Sound good? Sure it goes! So go vote!

  • noobtreeguy

    that is a gorgeous figure!

  • auntydonut

    you got my vote! i am all about supporting other artists. Very cool style

  • Lew

    Hell yes!

  • This is a very cool and classic design!