The most awesome werewolf birthday cake, ever

A. Quinton — May. 25th 2012

This was on the kitchen counter when I woke up this morning. Chocolate werewolf birthday cake? I have the best partner ever. Thanks, Tandye!

  • Viergacht

    THAT is amazing. Almost a shame to eat it XD

  • Patrick Schardt

    Happy Birthday – i love your Werewolf News Site – Greets from Germany

  • Happy birthday, Andrew! I love the note in the last picture. That’s just adorable.

  • Baeroth

    Happy birthday!

    By the way, is it just me or do those nails make it unappetizing?

  • Loup-garou

    Avec un peu de retard, bon anniversaire Andrew !! Ton gâteau est magnifique, ta femme a beaucoup de talent !

  • The fingers (including the nails) were made from mint-infused chocolate. I ate one 5 minutes ago. DELICIOUS.

  • Troask

    Congratulations and great work!! Greetings from Spain

  • Tandye

    Haha, super fun to make and you are well worth it! xox