Astonishing Japanese DVD cover for “Never Cry Werewolf”

A. Quinton — Jan. 7th 2012

I’m cleaning up all the unread Google alerts I have from December and I just found this little gem: a Dread Central post about Japanese DVD covers that enthusiastically misinterpret the English-language films they represent. Specifically, I’d like to share with you the Japanese cover for Syfy’s Never Cry Werewolf.

School Girl vs Wolfman. Stunning on a number of levels. God bless that Japanese inscrutability!

One thing missing from the Dread Central article is a link to an import site where one could purchase this amazing artifact, which I suppose is just as well – as epic as this cover is, the movie inside is still just a Fright Night rehash. But hey, Kevin Sorbo!

via Dread Central

  • The most grievous inaccuracy, of course, is the city skyline in the background. Clearly not Vancouver, where Never Cry School Girl was filmed.

  • Anonymous

    Someone really needs to offer a t-shirt version of this sucker!

  • Rob

    If I ever met Nina Dobrev at a Vampire Diaries convention or something, I’d ask her to sign this poster. XD

  • Roukas

    Aesthetically balanced, intriguing, Japanese (but not on the excessive, Hello Kitty level), and vaguely hot. If I can track down a poster of this on ebay, it’s going to go on the wall as a centerpiece for my writing area / study. Totally bad-ass.