A Spanish Werewolf Film to Look Out For – “Game of Werewolves”

A. Quinton — Nov. 6th 2011

Shock Till You Drop has some great scans from the promo booklet for an upcoming Spanish horror/comedy, Game of Werewolves. I don’t want Werewolf News to be one of those sites that copy-pastes all the juice from another site’s articles, so I’m going to post two photos and the teaser trailer. Check them out, then go see the rest at STYD!

You might also want to have a look at the film’s official web site, which has more video and a weekly production blog.

Yes, that’s a lot of werewolves at once!

  • It seem all the Foreign countries are making good werewolf movies unlike here in the US or is that just me?

  • …And not much dog. The werewolves have a striking resemblance in appearance to the werewolves in “Howling II.”

  • Nah, most foreign films are more superior than American films. They probably put in a ton of effort and pride in the script, set, costumes, and makeup. U.S. film makers are more interested in making a quick buck than producing quality product, thus feeding its audience garbage. There are a rare few good U.S. producers, though.

  • Zockereinstein

    Well, at least they are not being “pretentious”, that is, the tone will be probably comedy, with some imaginery from Paul Naschy’s movies. This will have probably good and bad consequences for the final result, but as I said, it is what it is, and not much more.

  • Anonymous

    I’m really liking the look of those werewolves – old school! Not just a big upright dog, like everyone else does nowadays. 

  • True on that PDX I wouldn’t mind watching this moive even though I couldn’t understand it.  It looks good and doesn’t seem like the CGI bs when have been getting in U.S. films. 

  • Speaking of foreign werewolf films, has anyone here gotten to see The Hair of the Beast? And will it ever get released Stateside?