I Got Your Next Purchase Right Here: “Feeding Ground” Graphic Novel & Trailer

A. Quinton — Oct. 20th 2011

I’ve read a lot of werewolf comics in the years that I’ve been running Werewolf News, and some of them have been quite good, but Archaia’s Feeding Ground stands above them all as my absolute favourite. It’s that simple. It succeeds on every level: as a compelling story eerily grounded in reality, as a collection of astounding artwork that simmers with heat and tension, as a serious commentary on a life-and-death social issue and as a self-contained objet d’art crafted by three friends who wanted to make something great, and then did.

Now all six issues have been collected as a hardcover graphic novel, and as your official werewolf life-coach, I advise you to go check it out, either from Amazon or your local comic shop.

(Also, if you’ll permit me to geek out for a moment, I have to say that Michael Lapinski draws some of the coolest – and one case, most adorable – werewolves ever, and my mind is blown that they would mention me in the trailer.)

And here, because your printer is getting dusty, are two tasty pin-ups from Tim Hamilton and Benjamin Marra. They’re hi-res. You know what to do.

  • Doruk Golcu

    I did a quick image search on Feeding ground, and it looks like often they use baboon heads for visual reference for the werewolves.  That actually makes a lot of sense to me, something a bit human-like, but with a snout.

  • Alex

    This looks pretty darn awesome, I’m going to have to go pick it up.

    Speaking of super cool comics, you might be interested in one I found just recently… that is if you haven’t seen it yet. It’s called Wolf Wears Wool and this link is http://www.wolfwearswool.com/

  • Anonymous

    I was hoping this would come out as a hardbound novel, I hate how fragile comic books are. The artwork I’ve seen for it looks really trippy and interesting. 

  • Minwind2009

    I’ve read wolf wears wool I love that comic! And the art is gorgeous!