The trailer for “Underworld: Awakening” gives Underworld fans more of everything they like

A. Quinton — Aug. 18th 2011

It’s got everything you’ve come to expect from the Underworld franchise: fancy guns, PVC outfits, acrobatic werewolves, a pervasive blue filter, people making grave pronouncements about war. Plus: Kate Beckinsale! I do like her, but I wish she would stop knocking werewolves to the ground and then shooting them. Underworld: Awakening was shot in 3D and hits theaters January 20th, 2012.

  • Silver

    I confess I was really worried about this I heard that the
    story was going to be about the lead characters two hybrid daughters, but
    this look great a no holds barred battle with a new player in the mix. I’m really looking
    forward to seeing it :)

  • Some horror-fantasy nerd

     These movies are my number one guilty pleasure, despite horrible review I cant help but love them. I was really hoping to see more werewolf action tho. I like the design they got going for them. It looked more wolf like with a slight influnce from the first movie (werewolf meets lycan… as silly as that sounds) but this could just be a reused model and im looking into this to much.

    Designs looking great tho .The lycans (first movie) while unique, just dont work for me …. not “wolf-e” enough, prefer the werewolvs (once again sounds dumb, but there two diffrent things in the movies). Hope we get a werewolf hero this time around, while I think kate is fine as hell I dont really care about her character.

  • Some horror-fantasy nerd

     Just thought I would add, the two werewolvs shown in the trailer (not including the car hoping one) are two diffrent models. The one she shoots looks like a slight mix imo. The latter one is much more wolf like. Im assuming hes bigger, badder and the one whos “stonger than any of us” prolly the willaim of this movie. Hope they do sommthin unique and not just repeat the “Boss-werwolf” forumla.

  • Doruk

    Is that Captain Jack???

  • Doruk

    On second look, I don’t think he is…

  • I spotted Charles Dance as the head of the coven. Charles Dance is a welcome addition to any film’s cast.

  • Lykeaus

    Epic…Can’t wait…

  • SaW

    Oww gods!!! Looks so awesome.

  • Doomsday83

    I like the Underworld movie, but damn I wish the werewolves were a little bit tougher! They are killed so easily! If only they were as fast, tough, and brutal as the werewolves in the Wolf Man remake.

  • Steven Yates

    Sweetness comes out a day after my birthday happy birthday to me.