Own an original page of “High Moon” artwork

A. Quinton — Aug. 12th 2011

The creators of High Moon are giving fans a chance to obtain original artwork from the Eisner-winning graphic novel. Artist Steve Ellis and writer David Gallaher are selling assorted pages from High Moon through an Etsy shop, and for $100 US (or $200 for an action-packed panel like the one to the right) you can get your claws on an original. Each page is rendered in pencil, brushes & pen and india ink on bristol paper.

And because Steve and David love you just like I do, you can get free shipping by using promo code FULLMOON at checkout.

As of this post there are only 12 pages left, so you better get over there!

  • Steve Ellis

    Wow, Thanks for posting this!

  • As much as I wanted to like High Moon when I bought it, I found it hard to get into thanks to the jumpy narrative that kept jerking me out of the story (a consequence, I imagine, of being published serially). I should probably give it a second look one of these days, but my first impression could have been better.

  • King2wolves

    What ever happen to High Moon? I was hoping to see the series again in some form.