Werewolf News gets a redesign

A. Quinton — Jul. 21st 2011

Werewolf News lurched its way onto the web in 2008, and it’s had the same design the whole time – a design I sketched out on a DoubleTree notepad while stuck on a flight from Colorado. After three years and over 500 posts I thought it might be time for a redesign, so here it is! I’ve centered the layout, reduced the clutter, improved the typography (no more white text on black), moved the commenting system to the Disqus platform (don’t worry, all your old comments are still here) and generally tidied things up. There will be a few more tweaks and improvements over the weeks to come, so if you find anything that looks particularly broken, please comment on this post and I’ll have a look.  Thanks, and I hope you like it!

  • Baeroth

    Dang, I liked the white text on black. I kind of find the white text background distracting now!

  • Roukas

    Noice! This balances out the naturally dark scheme (which SHOULD be present, of course) very well. There’s an argument for white text on black, but that may require surrounding text and graphics to be lighter colors. That, in turn, may make things too chipper and Spongebob for a site of this nature. Aroooow and rock on! 

  • The ads were distracting. Glad to see the ads gone now (hopefully?). The site’s much easier to read with the cleaner and simplified layout. Less clutter also improves viewing images in the posts on this site. Having a comment system with threading is a great improvement to your website. Light on dark or dark on light text and background, it really doesn’t matter to me. I also admire the werewolf’s pearly white flesh shredders in the header image!

  • Tandye

    This is best! It doesn’t freak out my eyeballs. And it’s only the comment section, the rest is looking awesome so far.

  • Wulfman1984

    very very cool and im glad this website is still up, i think i check it like 10 times a day lol :)

  • Looks good to me. I especially like the placement of the background image.

  • Can you add a search field for searching content on Werewolf News? Thanks!

  • Viergacht

    As a geezer, I find the black-on-light text much easier on my aging eyes.  And I really love the close-up of your mask, that’s a beautiful piece of work!

  • Thanks for the feedback, everyone! Search will be returning shortly, and while the Google ads will be coming back, they’ll be relegated to the individual post pages, and I’ll be experimenting with more focussed affiliate stuff (a link to AbeBooks on posts about books, for instance). This site’s not meant to be a big money-maker, but the ads pay for the hosting and a nice meal out twice a year, and I’d like to keep those two perks. :) I’m also reserving the upper right corner (above the category navigation) for a featured “sponsor / product / web site I think is cool” spot.

  • Dax Harding

    I like it…

  • Sam

    Really cool!