Say “Hi” to (a nice big photo of) Teen Wolf’s Alpha Werewolf [spoilers]

A. Quinton — Jul. 5th 2011

If you’ve been watching MTV’s Teen Wolf (if you haven’t been, smarten up), you’ve caught a few glimpses of the Alpha werewolf responsible for Scott’s bite and subsequent transformations. Want a better look at him? Here you go.

Remember my “Okay I guess I’ll try it” post about Teen Wolf back in May? The one where Jeff answered a shitload of questions and showed me an image that I wasn’t allowed to share but that totally sold the show for me? Yeah, this was the image. Thanks for sharing, Jeff! I’m looking forward to seeing more of this guy – and having just caught the end of episode six, I don’t think I’m going to be disappointed!

  • Don’t you just want to hug him?

  • ShadowFang

    Ooooo! Excitement! I may have to give this a whirl!

    Now…begs the question. Is this wolf digitigrade or poopy plantigrade?

  • paisley

    sweet wounded jesus.

  • ShadowFang

    After a second look, that’s what the werewolf in the recently released “Wolfman” should have looked like!

  • Doruk

    Bah, Wolfman had an awesome werewolf. But so is this one ;)

  • That is so friggin killer! I have been happily surprised by Teen Wolf, I just hope they can keep it from slipping into lame wannabe supernatural soap opera drivel like Vampire Diarrhea (Diaries) or The Gayest (Gates).

  • Jason

    Do you think they’ll have an awesome transformation scene?

  • Rob

    That thing is sick, I love it! I just wish they showed it off more since the CGI wolf’s face is lacking the menace and badassery of that pic.

  • Definitely dig the look of the Alpha werewolf. Wish the show wasn’t so stingy about showing him off (and I mean all of him). I’d also like it if the sappy teen romance could get downplayed a lot, but I realize that’s what the target audience is looking for.

  • Doruk

    After spending a few minutes with the pause button, I will make a controversial statement: It looks a bit like the AWiP werewolf.

    Then again, I always thought the AWiP design was a decent design that got badly animated…

  • Rob

    No, I noticed that too Doruk, another reason why I think they need to show off more of the practical makeup. The AWIP wolf was one I didn’t really like. I mean, I dug the look of the body, but the face looked like this weird dog/baboon/pig hybrid. And the Alpha has that problem when its face is cgi. I dig the CGI when it’s kept in the shadows or showing how it moves around, but for closeups they need to show off the KNB effects, since so far I don’t think they’ve shown it off at all.

  • Okay – so this show is starting tonight in the UK. I wasnt going to watch, but after reading your reviews am definitely giving it a go. Thanks!

  • Viergacht

    Not bad, not bad at all. Looks a bit like my guys, except for the bald face and red eyes.
    So has this sucker shown up for anything more than a fleeting glimpse yet?

  • Kwipper

    Once again, hollywood decided to go with the demon look. This does NOT look like a werewolf! This looks more like some demon with fur on his body.

    It’s not hard to get a werewolf.

    Wolf Head + Muscular Human Body + Fur (covering entire body) + Wolf Tail + Digitigrade Feet = WEREWOLF

    Just study what a real wolf looks like and apply a muscular human body to it. IT CAN STILL BE SCARY!

    I am so sick of hollywood mucking up the look of what a werewolf should look like. Get it right people! GAWD!

  • You’re on the wrong site, Kwipper.

  • Viergacht

    LOL For real. There is no such thing as how a werewolf “should” look, just how you prefer it to look.

  • Rob

    Here’s the thing about a werewolf. Yes, more wolf-like is a good thing depending, but a werewolf is also part man, and sometimes it’s good to have a werewolf that reflects that. And the Alpha above does have wolf-like qualities in the face, and it looks REAL. It looks like a living breathing, intelligent, but ultimately savage monster. And we need more werewolves like that.

  • Doruk

    I agree, I would rather see an interesting mix of human and wolf features. Just taking a human body and plopping a wolfs head onto it feels a bit of a lazy approach to me. Plus, it has been done :P

  • Also, it’s fuckin’ boring.

  • Doruk

    I don’t get why it must be a muscular body either, after all, wolves are pretty slender animals :P

  • Rob

    There was this cancelled horror comic called Willow Creek where the creator of it did a whole page on how he designed his werewolves and why he designed them. And he had big muscular werewolves, and his main reason was since this was in the wilderness he wanted a creature that had the right size and build to be able to fight off large predators like bears. And those were some badass werewolves from what I remember.

    But yeah, I think it depends on the setting. I mean, I love the White Wolf Garou, but even they don’t look completely wolf like in the face. I mean, they do, but they have this prehistoric savagery and almost human eyes that make them look like scary mofos. And at the same time I love something like the Alpha above, because it has a mixture of both and, honestly that picture creeps me out because of how sentient it looks. There’s something in the eyes, and the fact that they hide it with CGI is annoying as hell.

    I guess what I’m saying is there’s no wrong way to do a werewolf as long as you have the effects to pull it off. But the ‘gestalt’ wolf or whatever it’s called on forums and art sites is overdone IMO. Especially when people are saying that’s what a werewolf NEEDS to look like. I hate that mentality so much.

    But anyway, once again, love the Alpha. Now they need to show it off without the CGI version that looks like a deranged baboon at times.

  • Doruk
  • Rob

    Yep. I’m sad that Josh got cancer, since he’s a really talented artist and cancer just sucks in general. But yes, I dug what was released from that comic, and the werewolves’ design was gnarly.

  • Doruk

    Sadly, I only managed to get my hands on the first issue, and you don’t see the werewolf much in that :/

  • Sonja

    Yo this teen wolf show is tottaly awsome i love werewolf’s and stuff i wounder if dereke or how ever ypu spell his name died becuase the alfa stabed him with his claws..
    Well i guess im gunna find out tonight can’t wait to watch it i don’t miss 1 episode..

  • At last! We got a decent look at the Alpha on the show this week with some sustained shots of his full body and even a close-up of his head and shoulders. I hope he doesn’t go back into hiding again. I’d hate to think the production blew their complete wad with this episode.

  • Doruk

    Oh good, will check to see if it is online ASAP.

  • Kwipper

    So you guys are telling me that.. this.. is boring?

    or perhaps.. this?

    This is pretty much what I would like to see someone do.

  • Komodo

    I think they just look stupid.

    The Wolf’s narrow facial profile do not work on a broad, powerful body.

  • TheRedFear

    For those wondering if Derek died I checked out the Teen Wolf Wiki and it says the show’s creator confirmed that Derek not only survives, but at some point he becomes an Alpha.

    I don’t consider that much of a spoiler cuz it’s not hard to see it coming. Whoever kills an Alpha becomes an Alpha. Scott can’t kill the Alpha because then he’ll be badass instead of “kissable” when he wolfs out and they lose their tween-girl demographic.

    And obviously they’re not going to invest so much time and effort in building the Derek/Scott relationship, revealing Derek’s backstory, only to abruptly kill Derek off before he even gets to resolve his storyline.

    So Derek’s obviously alive, and the only one who can deliver the coupe-de-grace without damaging the show’s favorability with female viewers.

  • Viergacht

    Well, Andrew, I thought you drank the kool-aid there for a while, but that last episode redeemed the show (awkward cgi-wolf aside). I’d watch more like this.

  • Thanks for your vote of confidence, V.