Rick Baker & Dave Elsey Win “Best Makeup” Oscar for “The Wolfman”

A. Quinton — Feb. 28th 2011

Makeup artists Rick Baker (L) and Dave Elsey (R), winners of the award for Best Makeup for 'The Wolfman', with presenter Cate Blanchett The Academy is pro-lycanthrope! Last night Rick Baker and Dave Elsey each won an Academy Award for Best Makeup in recognition of their fantastic work on The Wolfman. This is Baker’s second Oscar for werewolf work, the first being awarded for An American Werewolf in London on the eve of the category’s inception (insert Inception joke here).

I wasn’t able to find any video of the actual award for this (although I’ll update this post if one pops up), but apparently the Academy gives winners some extra time back-stage to continue their thank-yous.

Congratulations to Mr. Baker and Mr. Elsey, and hey Rick? I really hope your Hugo Weaving wish comes true.

  • Komodo

    And as one Deviantart and Furaffinity craps themselves with pure, undiluted rage at the “ugly weregorilla” getting recognized at the oscars.

    Rick Baker: Best werewolves? Or best werewolves ever?

  • Andres

    Even if u don’t like the Wolfman, u gotta admit.. no one makes better werewolves than Rick Baker, GOD DAMN!!