“So Falls the Shadow” – Werewolf pastor dispenses God’s wrath

A. Quinton — Oct. 7th 2010

This trailer for an interesting-sounding werewolf movie called “So Falls the Shadow” has been on Vimeo almost a month ago, and for the life of me I can’t figure out if this is a trailer for a completed film, or if it was assembled to show to studios and investors. Its Facebook page says the movie is “an independent feature film whose script is currently being read by several mini-majors”, so the latter seems to be the case. Based on the trailer and this outline, I’d watch the whole thing!

In the small town of Jackson City, Tennessee, things are not as they appear. The buried secrets of this quiet Southern town surface when dead bodies start appearing near its outskirts. The corpses are torn to pieces and nearly unrecognizable. No man could do such a thing. Death like this can only be attributed to the work of a savage beast. Desperate to understand how God could allow this, Jeremiah, the town pastor, makes a bold conclusion: The beast is not an evil, but rather an instrument of God’s judgment. And anyone who puts his or her trust in God will be saved from the werewolf’s wrath! The pastor’s “panic attacks” continue and leave him waking up in strange places with no memory of how he got there. Then, Jeremiah realizes a horrible truth: He is the instrument of God’s wrath. He is the werewolf.


    Looks good! Hope It is a full length film I’ll go see it for sure!

  • Looks interesting. The brief moments of bad acting are a bit distracting for me, though.

  • Roukas

    I agree, Shadowfang. Fortunately it wasn’t one long stream of bad acting.

    What’s interesting is that Stephen King’s “Cycle of the Werewolf” took a similar angle — and pastor-figure who reluctantly comes to discover that he’s a werewolf. King did an ok job with that, but while the writing was tight, the characterization got shallow at some points. This movie may be different.

    I think the root of all good terror / horror is the metaphysical kind, and So Falls is set up to tap into that energy. However, the strength of the movie will ultimately depend on the spiritual depth and patience of its writers. People who just use God and Satan to make stuff more scary will just be creating another flick that’ll have its day in the limelight and then melt into obscurity. Nevertheless, I’ll keep my eye on the title and watch it when it comes out. :)

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