In Russia, Wolves Pull You Over

A. Quinton — Oct. 23rd 2010

If you haven’t already seen this, just watch.

After that, I hope that cop didn’t write the guy a ticket for the burned-out headlight.

  • ArcLight

    Part of me loves this video (because hey, wolves) but it scares me that the reaction it’s gotten on some news shows that have ran it will cause even more people to decide it’s okay-fine to go out and kill the poor things for no reason beyond the fact that they’re there.

    One report I saw talked about how the cop “narrowly escaped” the “rampaging pack.”

    Seriously, did any of those wolves look like they were paying any attention to the cop?

    Hope none of them got hit by cars…

  • Andy

    The whole thing was just part of a viral marketing scam, er…promotion. I guess it works well because it’s out of the ordinary, but not so strange as to be doubted.

  • The video was part of a commercial/marketing campaign for Eristoff Vodka. Interesting concept (and beautiful wolves), but I agree with ArcLight…with the way that modern “news” programs air items without properly vetting them, this kind of OMGWTFBBQEVRYBODYPANIC!!!11!! hysteria reporting just feeds the fear and hatred of wolves by the mouth-breathers of the world.

  • Nyetwerke

    I first saw this and thought it was behaviourally odd. Russian news agencies in English were saying it was genuine. I saw on blogs that it was allegedly a viral ad campaign. The post above is the first I have seen about the specifics of who was sponsoring the campaign. Russia is a harsh place (there is a word specific to the “season of bad roads”) and the recent fires displaced people and other animals so conceivably the stresses might have induced these behaviours. I was waiting to hear from someone such as Shaun Ellis; someone more objective than the talking heads on the news.

    My first response was that if there is no protection of the wolves then there must not be much legislation about their status. This could either be beneficial or a detriment depending on the region where the wolves are and the sensibilities of the surrounding communities.

    Ditto on the propensity for histrionics. Research has supported that wolves are very efficient predators. Can the same be said about humanity? We are newcomers on the evolutionary time scale and already we know what is the best land use policy. I think Stephen Hawking said it best in his estimation of whether a computer virus could be the human conceptualization of life. We have created something akin to life and its purpose is destruction.

  • Tailin

    Here’s the full commercial.

  • Maewolf

    Wow that full video was great, i had no idea lol