“Teen Wolf” pilot analysis & transformation photo

A. Quinton — Sep. 7th 2010

This is a month old, but interesting nevertheless. TheTorchOnline.com has an in-depth analysis of the pilot of MTV’s “Teen Wolf” remake, including quotes from executive producer / writer Jeff Davis and lead actor Tyler Posey. There’s also a rather boring photo of Posey’s transformation. One of the most telling quotes is from Davis, regarding the design of the show’s werewolves. Apparently there will be three kinds of werewolves– Alpha, Beta and Omega, with the Alpha being the most monstrous and the Omega looking like a straight-up wolf. And what’s the driving force behind the werewolf designs?

“The way we like to put it is, the other werewolf shows and movies have werewolves you can pet,” Davis said. “We wanted to have one you could kiss.”

Oh super. I think MTV and werewolf fans like you and I have different ways of assessing a werewolf’s kissability.

Read the whole post for more information.

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  • Ryan


  • B-Man

    And the denutting of werewolves continues.

  • Viergacht

    So they come right out and say their main character is boring. And he’s a lacrosse-playing werewolf who you’d want to kiss.

    Did anyone else just hear this in their heads? http://www.sadtrombone.com/

  • WW

    We don’t know whether this photo is from the beginning, end or middle of the transformation, so perhaps it’s worth holding off judgment until after we see some actual footage. The kissable remark I think simply means that they don’t want to make the central character look completely ugly and bestial, but since there are two other types of werewolves involved (and one other actor has already said that he transforms into a more wolf-like form), we may still get our fix.
    And the lacrosse angle makes sense–it’s a more violent sport than basketball, and since the players wear helmets you can have the character wolf-out without spectators seeing it (as opposed to the absurdity of the original film). The buzz on the script and pilot of this project have been mostly good, so I remain cautiously optimistic.

  • Well, if Scott Howard doesn’t want to be seen “wolfing out,” he should become an ice hockey goalie instead. Full transformation and none of the players and spectators would have notice. Until he’s sent to the sin bin.

  • MarkOne

    As one who saw early footage of the first ep, including how the lead character gets bitten, I agree with WW’s comment. When I saw this — at the panel for Comic Con– everyone in the room was skeptical about it. When we saw the footage and heard what the producers have in mind for the series, we came away optimistic about what’s to come.

  • Roi

    I dunno about yens, but I ‘lol’ed at this part: “and also better than Twilight”. Granted I think that grass growing is by at least a thousand times better than twilight, but this gives me much hope.

    This they better not be lying on:
    “But while the show plans to feature romance, the producers also insist that it will be only one small part of the show.”
    I’m sick of love playing more of a part in a supernatural show. I don’t watch it for romance. If I want that, I’ll watch soap operas.

    “The show includes an element that’s new to the werewolf mythology, a mysterious ancient rivalry that, thankfully, doesn’t involve vampires.”
    You have no idea what this meant to me. We NEED less bloodsuckers on TV.

    “Not surprisingly (and perhaps disappointingly), the show is using lycanthropy as a metaphor for adolescence and all its animal-like urges.”
    When hasn’t it? Seriously.

    “So it’s a moment of taking the ordinary person and making him extraordinary.”
    Something I liked about Big Wolf. They took someone popular and made him lame. It was original, and the audience still loved the character [if you like the show at all really]. This however has been done a bit over the top. I’m flexible though if the wolf looks amazing and the plot doesn’t blow.

    Over all. I’m excited to see it actually. The possible goods out weigh the possible bads.

  • Penningtonbeast

    Can the “kissable” one get eaten, please?