Mattel’s “Clawdeen Wolf”: a Bratz-style werewolf toy who shaves her legs

A. Quinton — Aug. 28th 2010

Mattel’s new “Monster High” dolls are your typical Bratz-style teen divas, but as the name indicates, they’re also monsters. All the usual suspects are represented, including a werewolf girl named Clawdeen Wolf. So we’ve got another toy franchise that seems geared towards training 10-year-old girls to be rail-thin airhead fashionistas… but by making these dolls monsters, is Mattel is also saying “it’s okay to be different”? Perhaps! In a recent LA Times article, Mattel Brands general manager Tim Kilpin said “They’re fun characters to build a world around. Who doesn’t feel like a freak in high school? It started with that universal truth.” Okay, so there’s some positive empathy, which seems promising… but now read Clawdeen’s bio. Am I crazy, or does it only mention her monstrous aspect in neutral or negative terms? This line is particularly worrisome: “Plucking and shaving is definitely a full time job but that’s a small price to pay for being scarily fabulous.” In other words, “I am different and unique, but through constant painful effort I can change myself to fit in.” Great. Picture Clawdeen locked in the bathroom, shaving her legs and crying, “Ginger Snaps” style. Hurry, Clawdeen! If you do a good job and get all that icky hair off, your friends will still like you, and then you can get back to your favourite activities– “shopping and flirting with the boys!” Nice work, Mattel.

There’s a great post about Clawdeen and Monster High at the She-Wolf blog that’s well worth reading, especially if you love to get annoyed about children’s toys like I do!

  • Z

    Sounds like it’s just capitalizing on the whole twilight craze.

  • Viergacht

    Heh, I posted about this at the werewolf cafe a while back. I firmly believe there is some sort of conspiracy to brainwash little girls with this sort of crap.

  • Toys like this are one of the reasons why I believe most American raised girls are crazy.

  • Mac

    …No…I didn’t buy one of those dolls and put it on my shelf. That’d be crazy. I’m a 26 year old woman for crying out loud… >_>

    Seriously though, I did buy one, but only because I was happy there was a werewolf chick instead of a cat girl. Female + werewolf = rare.

  • They’ve also gone for a vampire, a mummy and a zombie – other creatures that are more often male. Bizarrely, the male character is a gorgon. Now if there’s one creature you would expect to be female, it’s surely a gorgon!

    So apart from the mermaid and Frankenstein’s daughter, there’s a bit of gender-bending going on at Monster High.

  • Ryan

    At least they’re aware of themselves enough to actually do that with the female werewolf and vampire and mummy and the male Gorgon.

    That’s a good thing.

    But the rest? Vapid crap. A shallow cash grab to appeal to the little 10-12 year old goth girls(the few of them that there are).

  • Keith

    Don’t forget, the vampire is a vegan!


    I like this line though, it’s got a lot of nods to classic monster movies and in my mind, the vampire will be as blood thirsty as her classic father or any of his brides bwhahahaha.
    But I can’t love Clawdeen. No matter how I try, I can’t love her. She’s too human in appearance, not monstrous at all. She looks like she’s cosplaying! Lazily.

    What is interesting about this line is the gender thing. If the parent monster was male in the universal and hammer classics, the child is female and vice versa. So the “Mermaid” Isn’t a mermaid, she’s the daughter of the “sea monster” or The creature from the Black Lagoon for those who know their classic monsters. Maybe he shacked up with a mermaid though… heh.
    The only exception of this rule seems to be the Jekyll/Hyde character who’s definitely male. I suppose they decided they didn’t want a somewhat bipolar female character who turned monster when she got too hot or angry or whatever lol… too much of a parallel for PMS or something. (Katie Kaboom anyone?)

  • Amanda

    I like them there cute. And dude your making a way to big of a deal of them. You really think a 10-12 yeaar old gyrl is really goona think about it that much lol hahahaa