Are you a werewolf (for real)? This fellow will give you money for proof

A. Quinton — Aug. 13th 2010

Are you a genuine lycanthrope who can’t drive to the woods on the eve of a full moon because your Tercel needs a new transmission? Are you a conscientious werewolf who has to choose between paying for expert-prescribed werewolf supplies and paying the phone bill? Well you’re in luck, friend, despite today’s ominous date. deviantArt’s lazywolf will give you $5,000 US in cash for incontrovertible proof that you are a really real (and true) werewolf. For real. Want to cash in? Here’s the deal:

I know a lot of people on ~thepackplz, at the Google werewolf group page, here on dA, in personal emails, and many other places around the net have claimed to be werewolves. Thing is, they never have any proof; all they achieve is to tauntingly raise false hopes right out in front of me like a juicy steak, and then yank it away mockingly as I try to take a bite. I’d need solid, concrete evidence such as original-sized photos of yourself in werewolf form, a video of yourself transforming, etc. (Mental shifting or anything like that doesn’t count; has to be an actual physical transformation!).

So what are you waiting for? Give up your most precious secret and put your freedom (or life) in danger for less than two month’s salary some quick cash today!

  • Mac

    *Goes to buy some faux fur and spirit gum*

  • Silvermane

    You know it always amused me when people would claim to be real werewolves and when inevitably I asked where’s the proof, they always had some excuse or reason they couldn’t show me. Not sure if life would be endangered as I am sure the number of werewolf hunters is as low as actual werewolves are.

  • I agree. It’s the internet where anyone can be anything. But, just for sake of argument, if there was an actual werewolf somewhere out there (who knows?) I highly doubt that he/she would put their life in danger to win a mere 5k. Also, he asked for a photo! This sounds more like a photoshop contest to me!

  • Shadowfang: He’s asking for any TYPE of proof, not just a photo, he wants video too (if you read the whole journal entry). And we already know people are going to try to fake it, but we aren’t going to take one shot as an answer, we’ll demand they take more, or show video footage too if we are skeptical.

    And I agree Silvermane: This is mostly calling out the bluff to THOSE type of people, if they really WERE werewolves, what’s stopping them from getting some extra cash? LOL

  • zockereinstein

    People need a “bite” of reality… literally.

  • silvermane

    Sugarpoulry and others: I am a bit skeptical when someone tells me they are are a real werewolf, meaning beyond the actual lycanthropic mental cases which do exisits. I have a broad enough mind to keep the possibility of there being werewolves open, but until some one shows me proof beyond a photoshop photo, or edited video, or just texts I am a werewolf, I will remain suspicious at least. Far too easy for people to be anything on line these days.

    I can’t think of why a werewolf would be afraid to show some one privately if they are a werewolf. All I can think of is they believe there is some government agency looking for them, werewolf hunters around every corner, or a rabid fan. The last one would be the scariest I think and the most realistic possibility. I would just think it would be cool to see a real werewolf and let them have their privacy, thank them for sharing the information, and keep it to myself just to know what lurks in the shadows.

  • “If it’s too good to be true…” This promotional reads like a Nigerian scam email targeting werewolves. I do not trust.

  • Viergacht

    His inbox is going to be full of stuff from the same people who stink up message boards with pathetic garbage posts like “Oooo, my eyes have a slightly darker ring around the outside, that’s proof I really have a Wolf Soul”. I feel sorry for him.

  • Hahah…I read one post on there was from someone who claimed to be a werewolf. This person was saying that she has sharp teeth and always seems to go a little crazy when the moon is full.

    If a werewolf somewhere, someplace did exist, the moon would have no more effect on them than you or me. This whole myth that werewolves are affected by the moon stems from another myth that wolves howl at the moon.

    The whole lunar phase thing affecting werewolves is completely made up by man. When people claim that they “must be a werewolf because I always feel different on a full moon” it’s hard to sit back and not laugh at what some people try to convince themselves.

  • Trojin

    I think this is a very bad idea, and its just asking for trouble from all manner of wannabes and frauds over the internet also for anyone also I think this is a bad thing to post something like this because people will mock it ,insult it, and laugh at it….just for how stupid it is.

    Even if a real werewolf does exist I doubt he or she is going to come forward for any amount of money. No they would be very smart laugh at it and then walk away knowing that the person in question will never get what they want period.

  • Doruk

    @Shadowfang: Yeah, werewolves transforming at full moon, how revoltingly unrealistic *eyeroll*

  • Joey

    “Even if a real werewolf does exist I doubt he or she is going to come forward for any amount of money. No they would be very smart laugh at it and then walk away knowing that the person in question will never get what they want period.”

    There are smart people and dumb people. Why wouldn’t there be smart werewolves and dumb werewolves?